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Candlenut Oil Hair Treatment For Adults, Fact or Myth?

Candlenut oil for growth hair, is that's a fact or just a myth? This question full with hope for some peoples with hair loose problems. But lately, this herbal remedy oil proof that's the oil really works for adults. The content of candlenut oil can makes some hair shines and for children ia very good to maintain hair health.

If you have long hair and black, one of way to treatment your hair is with candlenut oil. Just scrub it to your hair and let stand for 30 minutes, after that wash it clean.

Some royal princess in ancient kingdom believe that's this candlenut oil can strength hair root and make gray hair disappear and became black again. This story can be an answer for you who tough that benefits candlenut oil for growing hair just a myth.

How can I get this candlenut oil?

There is two way for you if you want get the benefits of candlenut oil. First buy in herbal store, second made it at a home. Just following this treat if you want made a candlenut oil at home.

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Health Benefits Of Karuk Leaf For Cough

Karuk leaf or in latin Chavica Sarmentosa Miq/piper difusum is one of traditional herbal remedy to cure cough, this plant can growth In tropical climate with wet soil as a media. Have a green leaf and small size and shapes.

This amazing herbal plants is very helping, for example young mother who have children that`s strike by a cough. With this karuk leaf benefits has a herbal remedy their children can be cure from cough.

Want to know the content of this karuk leaf, maybe this following content can explain why this herbal plant is very powerful for cough.

Karuk leaf content:

AntioxidantFenol acidFlovanoidAlkaloidAmino acidVitaminsMinerals
Health benefits of karuk leaf :

Cure asthmaCure coughDiureticCure malariaReduce bones painBronkhitis

Karuk leaf herbal remedy

5 karuk leafPut into a glass Add hot water 3/4 Drink the herbs when the water become warmTake this herbs two time daily

Health study proof that`s this karuk leaf can cure asthma and bronkhitis after 3 mount therapy, but it's dep…