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Health Benefits of Rosemary for Natural Beauty

Usually during this time we often beg merely as decoration. yes indeed this type are often used as ornamental flowers in front of the house without us knowing apparently this is a drug that we wasted.

In outdoor areas, similar Rosemary Essential Oil is often used as a seasoning in fresh or dried form. Rosemary is now known as herbal medicine ingredient for health and beauty.

The characteristics of Rosemary is a plant stem and efficacious as ingredients for fragrance ingredients. The leaf color is green like needles, whereas for flower color is white, pink, purple, or blue. Rosemary flower is native Mediterinea.

Rosemary Flowers scientific specifications are:

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Order: lamiales

Family: Lamiaceae

Species: Rosmarinus Officinalis.

Health Benefits of Rosemary
Prevent stain, acne and blackheads

The essence content of Rosemary have compounds natural substances can be used as cleaning face oily and has the nature of anti-bacterial in preventing stain, acne,…

Healthy Tips to Remove Acne Naturally

Acne is a common problem that must be faced by most people, especially teenagers. Acne has many types and ways of handling every type of acne should be treated differently if it gets worse.

There are many challenges for people with acne as not to be pressed with a fingernail and others that must be obeyed if you do not want to heal acne scars like pockmarks black spots or even acne scars.

Indeed, there are many ways and solutions that can be done to deal with acne which appears on the face or back. Among them is like buying a variety of drugs in drugstore, using natural materials and go to a doctor or clinic that is experienced in their field.

Using drugs containing chemicals we do not recommend because it has a very high risk, would be better if immediately consult a doctor so it will heal faster. Another way is quite effective, low-cost and no risk is to use natural materials or traditional materials has always been a mainstay of our ancestors.

1. Ice cube
Ice cubes role is to improv…