Health Benefits of Lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet)

Lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet) one of herbal plant that often use as herbal remedy. This traditional herb, often used as a cure for several desease.

The bioactive compounds contained in the lempuyang/  rhizome, have been studied since 1944, so the identification of essential oils from this herb is obtained. This natural oil is widely found in roots such as camphor, nerolidol, also zerumbon found in the leaves.

Other nutrients present in lempuyang such as flavonoids, sesquiterpenoids, aromatic compounds, vanilla, kaempferol, phenolic, saponin, and terpenoid.

Health benefits of lempuyang ( Zingiber Zerumbet)
The results showed, that water-soluble rhizome extracts were strong inhibitors of acute inflammation.

2. Anti-Asthma
The compounds it contains can boost the immune system, in people with asthma. Antipiretics / analgesics. This rhizome contains ethanol, so it is analgesic and antipyretic, so it is suitable to withstand pain.

3. Anti Tumor / Anti-cancer
Zerumbon sub…

Avoid this 4 Food if You Want your Kidney Health

Kidney is the most important organ in human body, why, because kidney function is to make sure that your body have a good imun system. Avoid typical food that make kidney work properly, is one of many way to give a better health for your body, specially kidney.
What kind of typical food that must be avoid, during the health of kidney, here's some example.

1. Soda drink Beverage with soda content in it, is not god for your kidney health. Because, according to the health research, soda drink can make Proteinuria in a urin become in high level. If that happen, your kidney can be damage and become failure.
2. Food that content high salt Salt is potential make your kidney damage and failure, consuming food with high salt content can make salt transform into crystal and becoming kidney stone. Avoid immediately  and if you cant, try to reduce it.
3. Food with high sugar Sugar in a food that you consume excessively in a body, make fructose level high and automatically become overloaded on k…

Acne Solution, with Tomatoes Fruit Facial Treatment

Tomatoes one type of fruit that is great for facial treatments. Natural content in tomatoes can brighten and eliminate acne problems on face skin with oil type, especially women. Many people know's that the benefits of tomatoes, not just for facial treatment, in fact is very effective to maintain the body from any health problems.
For those of you who want a clean and brighten face, eating tomatoes as juice or used as a face mask, highly recommended by beauty experts.

The content of various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin a, vitamin c is very high as well as anti-oxidant which is quite high to, making the tomato fruit as a face mask, can be as an alternative treatment for the face that suffer from acne.
How to create a clean and smooth face with a tomato mask
Ingredients : Fresh tomatoes 1 piece Bowl

How to make : Cut the tomatoes into small piecesCrush it using a blender or a spoonPlace the tomatoes finely in a bowlApply to face as a mask before bed for 30 minutesClean thoro…

Tips to Make Your Face Clean and Smooth

Confused looking facial treatments to make toned face and skin clean, try the following tips, guaranteed to make you husband and friend captivated due to changes in the face thats so very natural.

Olive oil is well known for some powerful benefits for skin beauty problems. The content in olive oil is a natural compound that has been tested in the laboratory world health.

For women who crave the facial skin smooth and want toned face, just follow this simple beauty tips.

Facial treatment with olive oil
Materials used:
Olive oilWarm water

Do the following:
Clean your face before bed with warm water, then dry with a towelApply olive oil evenly on the faceLet stand for about 1 hourRinse and wash again face with warm waterPerform routine for best results

On day 3 the use of olive oil, the face will be as keen and fast and within a month of regular use, the skin is exposed to dark spots will be cleaner than ever before. not just that, stubborn acne will also come away from the face for this o…

Health Benefits of Lidah Mertua Plants

Lidah mertua plant, or also known as sanseveria is a plant that we usually find in the yard of the house as a living fence or very popular among lovers of ornamental plants. Besides the beauty of lidah mertua, this amazing plant also have many benefits for health.

Lidah mertua plant have the remarkable privilege that can absorb toxic substances, for example of air pollution by a smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and type of pollutants can pollute the air.

This herbal plant is easily find an plant in ground with tropical climate, such an Asia mainland. With green and yellow as a typical characteristics, this lidah mertua plant can be use as an alternative medicine to cure some dangerous disease such a hypertension.

Prepare the root of interest lidah mertua 27 grams, then Wash thoroughly. then boil with three glasses of water until at can one glass. filter and drink 2 times a day.

Cough, influenza's, diabetic
Way, take 25 grams of tongue-in-law, then wash them clean.…

Health Benefits Of Tapak Dara

Tapak dara leaf or in latin catharantus roseus, this herbal plant contain alot of alkaloid that's very powerful against cancer.  This amazing herbal plant often bein used for alternative therapy for cancer patients, acording to a master of herbal therapist after two months therapy with this tapak dara leaf, the patients seems getting better.
This plant can growth in tropical climates, came from original habitats in Madagascar and spread into asia, that's way tapak dara plant easy to find in asia specially in Indonesia. In some situation our ancestor used this plant to cure fever and cough, not only cancer disease can be reduced by this plant, a leukemia also can reduce by this herbal plant. 

Health benefits of tapak dara leaf Anti cancerCure leukemiaHodgkinCure high blood pressureAsthmaDiabeticsHypotensionCough
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The side effects of tapak dara herbal remedy is can makes your head dizzy, nausea, limp, that's way this herb not allo…

Back to Nature With Health Benefits of Senna Leaves Tea

China tea leaves commonly called by the name of senna leaves or leaves Alexandria. This tea has been known properties and has been used as a medicine since centuries ago. Besides having Cessai Angustilofia Latin name, this plant is also a shrub that grows up to 3 meters and has a delicate leaf-shaped oval, gray-green with a green stalk.

These plants are generally grown in tropical areas, and is commonly found in many countries of India, Pakistan, Egypt, North Africa, and Pakistan. Since the 9th century leaf china teak was first used by Arab doctors as a natural laxative.

Besides being used as a tea for medicine, tea leaf china teak can also be consumed as a health drink daily, because it has properties of high enough for health.

This is some example of the benefits senna leaves tea for maintain body health.

1. Natural detox
Tea leaf china teak serves to eliminate toxins in the body, especially in the intestinal organs. It aims to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and the system of…