This 4 Bad habits can cause dry skin and lips

Dry skin is a common occurrence, in a society with a tropical climate like in Indonesia. Generally, dry skin problems can happen to anyone including women and men.

Dry skin occurs due to the erosion of the skin protective layer, so that the water content in the skin can not survive and even evaporate.

Water that exists in the body, serves to keep skin moisture from the dangers of dry skin. But some bad habits are often done by men and women, making the skin becomes dry and more dry.

So, what are  4 bad habits that can cause dry skin, here are the full review.

4 Bad habits that cause dry skin

1. Drinking less water
White water is great for fluid intake in every body, including both male and female. Shortage of water intake can cause health problems and make the skin become dry.

Another benefit of drinking lots of water is to get rid of toxins in the body. Therefore, the various pollutants in the air continues to be inhaled by a person, making the body becomes easily tired, tired and leth…

The danger consuming salt excess for health that you should now

Salt is one of the salty spices of the kitchen that is widely used in various cuisines and snacks. But did you know, that eating foods with high salt levels, can cause various dangerous diseases? Check out the following reviews to find out completely.

In addition to lovers of sweet snacks, snacks with salty taste are also many devotees. This is inseparable from the number of snacks with salty taste in the free sale. Call it a snack of potato chips, cassava chips and others who become hunts of salty snack lovers. But, according to a health research conducted by a trusted institution, excess salt / salt can cause various dangerous diseases and can target anyone.

Here are some diseases caused by excessive salted / salt content.

Dangerous diseases caused by excessive salt intake

Hypertension Stroke Coronary heart Heart failure Swollen heart Fluid retention Digestive problems Kidney disorders Hair loss

The most common diseases encountered due to excessive salinity, are hypertension and heart…

Natural way to deal with black spots on the face cause acne scars

Acne scars - Acne scars on the face, of course is very disturbing specially in woman face, because it causes black color that is difficult to lose. If you have problems with acne scars, please check out the easy tips below so that black spots on the face due to acne scars, can disappear with naturally ways.

Whoever is either male or female, does not want a black spot of acne scars on their face. But what would the word say, acne caused by hormonal changes, cause a very visible mark on someone's face.

Using acne scar remover cream is not the only way out. Because, with natural ingredients such as fruits can also solve the problem.

Then, how to deal with black spots on face acne scars naturally?

Do not worry, for those male and female who want to remove black stains on the face acne scars, can use the tips below on a regular basis and see for yourself the magic results.

Natural way to deal with black spots on the face acne scars

Materials used:

Pure papaya fruit2 tablespoons pure hone…