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Super Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves for Hypertension

Avocado leaf is one herb that has anti-hypertensive properties. According to research of the University of Indonesia in 2010 on the efficacy of avocado leaves for hypertension, proving that the avocado leaves are high with flavonoids, that act to treat high blood pressure.

So far according to the dose that is safe for consumption as hypertension and cholesterol medication is 10 mg / kg body weight, by dissolving the avocado leaf extract using ethanol 70%.

Beside to overcome hypertension, avocado leaves as well as effective as drug anti-hiperlipidemia. hyperlipidemia is a condition in which the lines of blood vessels happen blockage.

This is because hyperlpidemia is one of the trigger a heart attack that occur due cholesterol settle as a plaque then whole so happens blockage. hyperlipidemia and hypertension is a disease that lead to the death of the highest for now.

How to use the avocado leaves as herbal hypertension medications:

Prepare 4 or 5 pieces of avocado leavesThen please wash …