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Health Benefits Of Sendok Leaf Herbal Plant

Sendok leaf knows in name Plantago mayor, including in plantaginaceae family leaf in tropical climate and have leaf just like a spoon. In mainland of asia this sendok leaf have a powerfull contain to reduce and cure some dangerous disease, specially throat problem like cough.
This herbal leaf also have diuretic, anti inflamasi, mucolytic, antitusiv, antiseptic content according to the health research. Some expert use this leaf to study about the effect of diabetic against some people`s and the result is very positive to reduce sugar levels in the body.

Health benefits of sendok leaf herbal plant Cure diarrheaReduce diabetic Cure blood coughingCure bronchitisDigestive problems

Some leaf use to boiled with hot water to get the benefits of this herbal leaf, if you have an issue just like above, maybe this herbal sendok leaf can be used as an alternative medicine. Some herbal medicine have effect with some sensitive body, make sure you already knows about this herb before use it.
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Health benefits Of Gandarusa Leaf

Gandarusa leaf or in latin call Gendarussa Vulgaris Nees, this herbal plant content a lot of benefits for preventing and cure some disease. In Indonesia this herbal plant often to used as a vent and growth in the edge of a rivers. In traditional remedies, this gandarusa leaf used to cure bone fracture as long if the bone on the right position.
Some expert about herbal remedies told that this gandarusa leaf have diuretik, analgetik, anti permatozoa content and some alkaloid poisen content, that`s way this herbal plant must used carefully. 

Health benefits of gandarusa leaf Prevent rheumatismCure eczemaBlood circulationCure bone fractureTreat bruises woundCure feverTreat sore eyes and ear

Gandarusa leaf also content some mineral such a atsiri oil, kalium, justicin, that`s already proof to maintain body from bacteria and virus. How to use this herbal plant is very easy, for external disease such a bruises wound or fever just crush the leaf and stick it. For internal use, maybe this folowi…

Health Benefits Of Pecah Beling Leaf

Pecah beling leaf or in latin strobilanthes crispus came from Madagascar origin, growth in tropical climate. The plant it self can reach high two meters and have brown fruit content small seeds. People`s in my villages use to growth this plant as a vent to avoid hot sun and to used as a herbal medicine to cure kidney stone.
Pecah beling also knows as keji beling, the kalium content in the leaf can cause kidney stone crash and removed it through urine. this herbal drink not recommended for those people`s who have gastritis because  acid silikat content.

Health benefits of pecah beling leaf Cure diabeticCrush kidney stoneLowering cholesterolCure diarrheaCure hepatitis

Beside that, pecah beling leaf also content calcium to help blood freeze and keep membrane cell function. If you interesting about this herbal leaf and want to try to use it, here some tips that may be useful.
Pecah beling herbal drink 100 gram pecah beling leafWash it cleanBoiled with 500 ml water and make it 250 mlStrain th…

Health Benefits of Mahkota Dewa Herbal Remedies

Mahkota dewa plant in latin phaleria macrocarpa, another herbal plant that's very powerful against several diseases.

Growth in tropical climates, originally from irian jaya or papua Indonesia, have a little leaf and red fruit. Sometimes old people's in my village used this mahkota dewa fruits as a herbal medicine, pick it up, slice it and dry it.
As long I knows, the fruit of mahkota dewa plant becomes a popular herbal remedi for those people's who have an issue about their heart. Master of herbal remedies said, that mahkota dewa fruit have a high antioxidants content even if in dry conditions. 
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Health benefits of mahkota dewa fruit
High antioxidantsMaintain body healthReduce pain cause uric acidDetoxReduce blood cholesterolImmunityAntivirus and antibacterialVitalityGood for heart disease
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Amazing Health Benefits Of Javanese Turmeric

Temulawak use to call javanese turmeric or in latin curcuma xanthorrhiza, another herbal plant that I knows from my grandma, she said this herbal plant can do more to keep your health in shape and maintain body stamina. From what I knows, every people's in my villages often used this temulawak as a pain relief inside the bones. 
According to the health research institute temulawak herbal plant register as a traditional medicine to cure all various disease, such a  asthma and digestive problems. Lately this herbal plant made as a healthy drink and distributed to many countries specially in Asia region.

Amazing health benefits of javanese turmeric

Fight against cancerHelping to reduce blood cholesterolGood for maintain liberOvercome digestive problemsCure hepatitisReduce asthmaGood for kidney health

Some expert of herbal remedies says this javanese turmeric has a side effect that can dangerous for pregnant woman, but the side effect of long consume  could be not good for your digesti…

Health Benefits of Red Ginger Herbal Drink

Red ginger is one of traditional remedies that's can make your body have excellent stamina, in Asia specially Indonesia this red ginger also knows as the kind of regular ginger. If you have an issue about low body protect, this red ginger can be a solution for you.
Red ginger plant growth in a wet land also dry land, the plant it selve just a high 1 or 1,5 meters. It can be also growth by everyone in a small backyard or in a plastic bag, in small community of herbal plant's this red ginger become a favorite plant that's very easy to growth.

Now, red ginger available in a market in a modern pack and easy-to-use, you can make this herbal drink just about five minutes.

Health benefits of red ginger:

Protect body healthBoost staminaTreating feverReduce pain cause uric acidCure low blood pressure

If you decide to used red ginger as an alternative to protect your body health, this simple tips maybe useful.

How to make red ginger herbal drink

200 gram of red gingerWash it cleanBur…

Super Health Benefits of Angsana Tree Bark

Angsana tree bark or in latin Pterocarpus Indicus is a natural remedy for reducing cough, have a dark and red tree bark, this tree also used by a government to be an alternative oxygen in the side of a road. Angsana tree including a tree who have powerful and strong roots, my grandma often to used this angsana bark as a herb remedies.
This herb remedy is very simple to make of, if you have an issue with your troth and cough, just considered to used this angsana bark tree as an alternative medicine.

Angsana tree bark remedy Ingredient: Angsana bark treeA glass of hot water

Directions: Angsana bark tree just about 30 cmWashed cleanCut into two piecesPut into a glass And pore with hot waterStand for about 30 minutesDrink two times daily at morning and afternoon

According to the health research, angsana bark tree health benefits is already been proofed by ancestor to reduce some disease such a cough. In Indonesia angsana tree bark is very easy to find and many people used this bark tree as …

Healthy Life with Healthy Fruits

People this day getting smart choosing their food, not just healthy food, a fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables also consider as a supplement for their bodies. With natural vitamins and minerals content, this healthy fruits and vegetables can bring health also protect the body from all dangerous disease.

For someone who have an issue on protecting their health, a healthy fruits and vegetables diet programs can be a good solutions because is cheap and necessary needed to maintains body health, for example an apple fruits, it can kill all viruses and keep vitamins ballance inside someone bodies.

Some vegetables also very good to protect your bodies such a cucumber, with this healthy vegetables a bad digestive can be clean for two weeks, its also can lowering a high blood pressure.

Here some healthy fruits that's good for maintain body health:


With this organic fruits programs, the healthy life of you and families always keep in balance and g…