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Avoid this 4 Food if You Want your Kidney Health

Kidney is the most important organ in human body, why, because kidney function is to make sure that your body have a good imun system. Avoid typical food that make kidney work properly, is one of many way to give a better health for your body, specially kidney.
What kind of typical food that must be avoid, during the health of kidney, here's some example.

1. Soda drink Beverage with soda content in it, is not god for your kidney health. Because, according to the health research, soda drink can make Proteinuria in a urin become in high level. If that happen, your kidney can be damage and become failure.
2. Food that content high salt Salt is potential make your kidney damage and failure, consuming food with high salt content can make salt transform into crystal and becoming kidney stone. Avoid immediately  and if you cant, try to reduce it.
3. Food with high sugar Sugar in a food that you consume excessively in a body, make fructose level high and automatically become overloaded on k…