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Cure Kidney Failure With Mahkota Dewa Herbal Remedy

Health benefits mahkota dewa - Mahkota dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) is a plant that originated from Papua, most people do not know health benefits of Mahkota dewa for kidney failure. In fact, if you know it, the nutrient content in the crown of the gods so many benefits and usefulness

Mahkota dewa content:

FlavanoidTanninAtsiri oilSaponinFenolAlkaloidLignanSterol

With a variety content of the mahkota dewa, commonly used as a traditional medicine to overcome the various health complaints like a kidney failure.

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Kidney failure is a disease which functions organs kidney decreased until no longer able to work at all in terms of filtering disposal electrolyte body, keeping the fluid balance and chemicals body as sodium and potassium in the blood or urine production.

Then what cause of occurrence kidney failure? Kidney can be due to some serious diseases,such as high blood and diebetes mellitus. The flavonoids contained in the Mahkota Dewa,…

Health Benefits of Sosor Bebek Leaves

Health benefits sosor bebek - Kalanchoe Pinnata) bill duck (Java) Ceker Ducks (Sunda) comes from Madagascar, spread in the tropic, kept in the yard or grow wild on the edge of the abyss, roadsides and areas where the land is rocky, hot and dry areas.

Sosor bebek including trunked plants moist, thick leaves serrated edge, contains a lot of water.

The nature of Chemistry and Pharmacology:

A little sourThe smell of the soilColdAnti-inflammatoryStop bleedingReduce swellingPromote healing
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Chemical Ingredients:

Substance sour lemonApple acidVitamin CQuercetinDiarabinosideKaempferol and glucoside.

Efficacy, sosor bebek leaf been investigated by researchers from the University of Osaka Japan. The result is very amazing, leaves contain compounds that are very effective to destroy cancer-causing mutant cells (Bryopgikkian A).

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Additionally sosor bebek leaf also contains Vitamin A, tannin, acid lem…

Healthy Galagal Contains and Benefits

Galagal herb remedy - Galangal is one of traditional spices that's always use in Indonesian food, have a unique taste and good for maintain body health.

Growth in tropical climate and easy to plant it, for example you can plant it in a pot or an organic plastic bag in the front of your house.

Healthy galagal contains:
Methyl cinnamaeCineolSeskuiterpenResinCadienAmilumHeksabidro cadalen

Healthy galagal benefits:
Prevent tumorCure rheumatoid arthritisAnti-inflammationCure rheumaticAppetizers for childrensHealing diarrhea

How to use:

Slice galagal into a little pieces, boil with 500 cc water and make 250 cc, drink one time daily at morning or night.

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