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Healthy Kiwi Juice Recipe

Kiwi fruit first time introduced by Australia country, have hair skin and green inside. Kiwi fruit contain alot of antioxidant and vitamin c, and very good if you consume daily as a healthy juice for maintain body health.

Ingredient: 2 kiwi fruitLiquid white sugarIceJuice glass

Direction: Kiwi fruit peeled and wash itBlender with little water and liquid sugarAdd icePore into a juice glassConsume two time daily for better result

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Healthy Dragon Fruit Juice Recipe

Ingredient: One dragon fruitMilkIceJuice glass

Direction: Dragon fruit peeled and wash itSlice into a little piecesBlender dragon fruit slice with iceAdd milk or liquid sugarPore into a glass juiceConsume daily for best result
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Healthy Mango Juice Recipe

Mango juice, a healthy drink that's you should try. Have a good taste and contain alot of vitamins and minerals specially vitamin c. How to make a healthy manggo juice with a simple way? Here some following steps:

Ingredient: Fresh mangoIceMilkJuice glass

Mango fruit peeled and seededPut in to a blenderAdd milkAdd icePore in a glass juiceDrink two time daily one hour before eat

If you have a diabetic problem, don't use milk.

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healthy watermelon juice recipe

Healthy Watermelon Juice Recipe

Healthy watermelon juice is a nice drink you should try, contain alot of benefits and suitable for summer drink. This is following step to make a healthy watermelon juice. 
Ingredient: 100 gram watermelonIceLemonJuice glass

Direction: Put watermelon slices into a blenderAdd some iceAnd blendedPore it into a glass juiceAdd squeezed lemon
A healthy watermelon juice is ready for a summer drink.

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Healthy Smoothie Carrot And Watercress Recipe

Smoothie is one way to enjoy vegetables with different taste, specialy for those who want a slim body. Usually career woman and models like to consume this meals because is good, low calorie and healthy for maintain body shape.
Carrot and watercress smoothie recipe. Ingredient: 100 gram carrot fruit100 gram watercressWaterJuice glass

Wash carrot and watercressPore carrot and watercress into a blenderAdd a little water and blenderPore into a glass juiceConsume three time daily 
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luffa contain and benefits

Luffa Contain And Benefits

Angled groud (luffa acutangula) is a type of vegetable that contains many nutritional and health benefits.

Luffa contains:
VitaminMineralFiberPro vitamin AVitamin BVitamin CTriterpene saponinCitrulineLuffeinCucurbitacin
Luffa Benefits:
Good for inflammatory bowel diseaseBlood circulationTreating strep throatAnti-diabetesTreating asthma

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healthy avocado juice recipe

Healthy Avocado Juice Recipe

Avocado fruit is type of fruit that's can be make a healthy juice for wight loose diet. The calorie that's contain in avocado fruit is a good types. Here's a recipe of avocado juice.
Ingredient: 2 avocado fruitJuice glassMilk (if you like)Ice 
Peeled avocado fruit and seededPut into a blender Add milk (if you like)Put ice into a juice glassPour avocado into a glassConsume tree time daily as a regular meal
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Healthy Cherry Juice Recipe

Healthy cherry juice is kind of drink you should try, taste good and have alot of benefits for maintain body health. 
Ingredient: 100 gram fresh cherryWaterIceJuice glassLiquid sugar

Direction: Wash cherry and dry itThen blender with little waterAdd some iceAdd liquid sugarPut into a juice glassConsume regularly one time daily for a better result
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Healthy Honeydew Juice Recipe

Honeydew is kind of fruit that's healthy and can be make a good healthy juice. Here as some tips how to make a healthy honeydew juice.

Ingredient: 100 gram honeydewLiquid sugarIce

Honeydew peeled, seededBlend it with liquid sugarAdd a little waterAdd some iceMix and blend until al ingredient wellServe in a glass
Consume two time daily at morning and night, forbidden to al people who have a diabetic problems. 
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healthy cucumber drink recipe

Healthy cucumber drink recipe

Cucumber is kind of vegetable that's contain alot of water and can cure high blood pressure. In aceh province cucumber can be make a healthy drink, with their traditional recipe and use to serve with ice as neutralize when eating goat meat.

Here some recipe of cucumber ice drink.  Ingredient: 2 fresh cucumberLiquid sugar Ice

Cucumber peeled and gratedInput into the glass Add Liquid sugar And add ice
If consumed daily this cucumber drink can cure a high blood pressure patients. 
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mango fruit types in indonesia

Mango fruit types in indonesia

Mango fruit is a tropical fruit that's contain alot of vitamin c and  taste good if you make a healthy juice. In indonesia every mango season came many people use to buy it at a traditional market.

This is a type of mango fruit that's available in indonesia.  Indramayu mangoHarum manis mangoGolek mangoSimana lagi mangoGedong mangoApple mango
Every type a mango fruit have their own taste and colors, but one think for sure a vitamins and minerals that's contain in mango fruit makes our body health and fresh if you consumed every day as a healthy juice.

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bottle watergroud health benefits

Bottle watergroud health benefits

Bottle watergroud is a natural medicine for prostate patient, is growth in tropical climate and have being used by our ancestor for healing fever and body heat. In india bottle watergroud is becoming a natural medicine and alot of people there used as a juice or making it a raw food.

In asia bottle watergroud can be make a good soup and juice, that's way local people planting it in their backyard.

Cleans a digestive is a benefit that's bottle watergroud have, you should try this traditional medicine if you have a prostate disease.

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starfruit raw for uric acid patient

Starfruit raw for uric acid patient

Starfruit is my favorit fruit because is taste good and have benefits to dangerous disease like uric acid. Vitamin c that's contain in starfruit can be a good way to maintain body health for a bad weather. 

How to use for uric acid patient.  StarfruitWash itEat two time daily at morning and night Eat starfruit raw can lowering a uric acid patient just for three month, is a healthy fruit, good taste and easy to find.

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rambutan contain and benefits

Rambutan contain and benefits

Rambutan is kind of fruit that's have many benefits for maintain body health, growth in asia specialy with tropical climate and use to call long hair fruit. Rambutan contain:  CarbohydratesMineralsPhosphorusVitamin CProteinFatCalciumFiberPotassium

Rambutan Benefits:
Healthy kidneysIncrease energyGood for weight loose diet Overcoming anemiaImmunityPrevent cancerOvercoming fever
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Coconuts contain and benefits

Coconuts one of the fruit that's have many benefits, coconut tree is called the tree of life because almost all the parts can be used.
Coconut contains:
CarbohydratesMineralsVitamin CProteinFatCalciumMagnesiumPotassium

Coconut Benefits:
Replacement of body fluidsIncrease energyLose weightmuscle relaxationImmunityLowering high blood pressure
Coconuts water also known as a natural isotonik water, and good hair treatment.

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water groud for prostate patients

Water groud for prostate patients

Prostate one of the disease that's can be cure just by eating water groud, water groud contains alot of vitamins and minerals that's very good against prostate disease. A study about water groud  proved able to cleanse the digestive tract and make it healthy. That is why the water groud is very good for prostate patients.

Here some tips how to use water groud for prostate patients.

1 or 2 water groudWashedBlenderStrain the waterDrink one times daily before sleep

If you dont like a water groud as a healthy juice, just steam and eat it.
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dewa starfruit benefits

Dewa starfruit

Dewa starfruit is a type of fruit that live in the country Indonesia, Depok West Java area precisely. Starfruit this type have typically large and brightly colored orange and almost every house in Depok planting dewa starfruit in his yard, which is why the depok city known as a city of dewa starfruit. 

Alot of benefits came from this fruit, especially in lowering high blood pressure. People in Indonesia used to make this fruit into a delicious healthy juice drink, dewa starfruit is one of the favorite ingredient to make a good healthy juice.
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how to choose good starfruit to make a good healthy starfruit juice

How to choose a good starfruit, to make a good starfruit juice

Starfruit is kind of fruit that's have many benefits for maintaining body health, the one of the way to use starfruit is to make it a healthy juice. But a healthy juice came from a good fruit and how to choose it. 

Here some example of a good starfruit: Have a bright orange colorsHave a perfect shapeSmell goodFor some types, a good starfruit have a big size

That's a tips to choose a good starfruit, afterall is up to you to choose it. But one think I know, a good healthy starfruit juice came from a good fruit. 
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potato health benefits

Potato health benefits

Potato (Solanum tuberosum L) is a type of vegetable that is popular and widely consumed in many countries.  Potato's contains:  CarbohydrateProteinFatIronCalciumPhosphorusVitamin AVitamin B1
Here's some potato health benefits:  Treating diabetesAntidoteTreating kidney stonesLowering cholesterol levelsTreating MaghReduce inflammationEliminate swelling and dark circles around the eyes
How to use it. 
Healthy juiceSaladSoup
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cherry health benefits

Cherry health benefits

Cherry is kind of fruit that's have many benefits for maintaining body health and cures some dangerous disease. Before modern technology found the materials inside cherry fruit, ours ancestors use it as a pain relieves.  

Here some cherry contains:

AnthocyaninsFiberMelatoninVitamin CProteinsMinerals Cherry benefits:

Reduce the risks of both rectal and colon cancerKeeping out digestive system in good conditionNatural pain reliefAnti-inflammatoryOvercome insomnia
How to use as a healthy juice.

100 grams cherryWash itThen blender with little waterDrink two time daily 
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cabbage nutrition and benefits

Cabbage nutrition

Cabbage is a vegetable that is widely used to make food, such as salads or stuffing kebab.  The content of cabbage:  ProteinCarbohydratesFiberNiacinRiboflavinVitamin B6Vitamin CFolateCalciumPotassiumMagnesium

Benefits cabbage:  Preventing cancerAntioxidantReduce the risk of cataractImmunityCaring for the skinOvercoming gastroenteritisControlling high blood pressurePrevent anemiaHelps the formation of red blood cells
How to use.
100 grams of cabbage washed, and then eaten raw or prepared salads.
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noni fruit/morinda health benefits

Noni fruit/morinda health benefits

Noni fruit/indian mulbery (Morinda citrifolia) is a type of fruit that many health benefits. Having bitter taste, makes some people do not like it. 
Noni fruit/morinda contains:  MethylSorandiyiolMorinda diolVitamin cVitamin aVitamin B complexCalciumPotassiumPhosphorusEssential amino acids

The benefits of nonifruit/morinda:
Curing coughAnti cancerAnti-inflammatoryMaintaining bone healthTreating fever and influenzaTreating hypertensionTreat jaundiceOvercoming the scaly skinTreating abdominal pain
How to use.
100 grams of noni peeled and washedBlender with 50 cc of waterDrinking in the morning and evening after meals
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