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Health Benefits Of Karuk Leaf For Cough

Karuk leaf or in latin Chavica Sarmentosa Miq/piper difusum is one of traditional herbal remedy to cure cough, this plant can growth In tropical climate with wet soil as a media. Have a green leaf and small size and shapes.

This amazing herbal plants is very helping, for example young mother who have children that`s strike by a cough. With this karuk leaf benefits has a herbal remedy their children can be cure from cough.

Want to know the content of this karuk leaf, maybe this following content can explain why this herbal plant is very powerful for cough.

Karuk leaf content:

AntioxidantFenol acidFlovanoidAlkaloidAmino acidVitaminsMinerals
Health benefits of karuk leaf :

Cure asthmaCure coughDiureticCure malariaReduce bones painBronkhitis

Karuk leaf herbal remedy

5 karuk leafPut into a glass Add hot water 3/4 Drink the herbs when the water become warmTake this herbs two time daily

Health study proof that`s this karuk leaf can cure asthma and bronkhitis after 3 mount therapy, but it's dep…

Health Benefits of Beras Kencur

Beras kencur is a traditional herbal remedy that's made by Indonesian people's, the benefits of this herbal remedy is to treat and cure muscle pain that's cause by sports accidents or hand and foot strains. 
The methods on making this concoction is very easy, but the results is different depending on people's who made it. Sometimes it can be very useful to help reduce pain or even bone brakes.

Health benefits of beras kencur: ImmunityPain reliefStamina enhancersAntioxidant 
Beras kencur also known has a herbal remedy for cough, the effect of this beras kencur drink can relief your through from itchy and can bring comfort feeling after your drink it. But, every herbal remedy must be used properly including beras kencur, is forbidden for pregnant woman.

Why Indonesian people love to drink this beras kencur so much? Because is cheap, easy to find and hase powerful health benefits. Want to try it this herbal remedy? Just visit Asian herbal shop and try it.

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Health Benefits of Sosor Bebek Leaves

Health benefits sosor bebek - Kalanchoe Pinnata) bill duck (Java) Ceker Ducks (Sunda) comes from Madagascar, spread in the tropic, kept in the yard or grow wild on the edge of the abyss, roadsides and areas where the land is rocky, hot and dry areas.

Sosor bebek including trunked plants moist, thick leaves serrated edge, contains a lot of water.

The nature of Chemistry and Pharmacology:

A little sourThe smell of the soilColdAnti-inflammatoryStop bleedingReduce swellingPromote healing
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Chemical Ingredients:

Substance sour lemonApple acidVitamin CQuercetinDiarabinosideKaempferol and glucoside.

Efficacy, sosor bebek leaf been investigated by researchers from the University of Osaka Japan. The result is very amazing, leaves contain compounds that are very effective to destroy cancer-causing mutant cells (Bryopgikkian A).

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Additionally sosor bebek leaf also contains Vitamin A, tannin, acid lem…

Health Benefits of Miana Leaves

Miana leaves or in latin Coleus Scutellaricides is one of a traditional herbs remedies that's very popular among peoples in the villages, the plant nature habitats is in wet groud and use to growth in the edges of the rivers.
According to health research,  this herbal plant have a natural content that's very powerful to cure some disease related to swelling,  for example is bruised. 

Miana leaves contains:

Atsiri oilAlkaloidsSaponinFlavonoidsEmenagog
For some reasons this miana leaves have remarkable results for bruised wounds, skin boil or ulcer. Just crush the leaf and stick it into the surface of skin that have issues. Otherwise you can drink miana leaf water that's already being boil first.

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Health Benefits of Lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet)

Lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet) one of herbal plant that often use as herbal remedy. This traditional herb, often used as a cure for several desease.

The bioactive compounds contained in the lempuyang/  rhizome, have been studied since 1944, so the identification of essential oils from this herb is obtained. This natural oil is widely found in roots such as camphor, nerolidol, also zerumbon found in the leaves.

Other nutrients present in lempuyang such as flavonoids, sesquiterpenoids, aromatic compounds, vanilla, kaempferol, phenolic, saponin, and terpenoid.

Health benefits of lempuyang ( Zingiber Zerumbet)
The results showed, that water-soluble rhizome extracts were strong inhibitors of acute inflammation.

2. Anti-Asthma
The compounds it contains can boost the immune system, in people with asthma. Antipiretics / analgesics. This rhizome contains ethanol, so it is analgesic and antipyretic, so it is suitable to withstand pain.

3. Anti Tumor / Anti-cancer
Zerumbon sub…