Health Benefits of Sosor Bebek Leaves

Health benefits sosor bebek - Kalanchoe Pinnata) bill duck (Java) Ceker Ducks (Sunda) comes from Madagascar, spread in the tropic, kept in the yard or grow wild on the edge of the abyss, roadsides and areas where the land is rocky, hot and dry areas.

Sosor bebek including trunked plants moist, thick leaves serrated edge, contains a lot of water.

The nature of Chemistry and Pharmacology:

  • A little sour
  • The smell of the soil
  • Cold
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Stop bleeding
  • Reduce swelling
  • Promote healing

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Chemical Ingredients:

  • Substance sour lemon
  • Apple acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Quercetin
  • Diarabinoside
  • Kaempferol and glucoside.

Efficacy, sosor bebek leaf been investigated by researchers from the University of Osaka Japan. The result is very amazing, leaves contain compounds that are very effective to destroy cancer-causing mutant cells (Bryopgikkian A).

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Additionally sosor bebek leaf also contains Vitamin A, tannin, acid lemon and sour apple.

Basically the whole plant can be used as a drug, but most often used is leaf, the part of the plant which mostly consist of water and slimy.

Sosor bebek leaves contain a lot of malic acid, resin, mucous substances, magnesium malate, calcium oxalate, formic acid and tannins.

Now, this herbal plant can be used to prevent and cure same dangerous disease.

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