Health Benefits of Mahkota Dewa Herbal Remedies

Mahkota dewa plant in latin phaleria macrocarpa, another herbal plant that's very powerful against several diseases.

Growth in tropical climates, originally from irian jaya or papua Indonesia, have a little leaf and red fruit. Sometimes old people's in my village used this mahkota dewa fruits as a herbal medicine, pick it up, slice it and dry it.

As long I knows, the fruit of mahkota dewa plant becomes a popular herbal remedi for those people's who have an issue about their heart. Master of herbal remedies said, that mahkota dewa fruit have a high antioxidants content even if in dry conditions. 

Health benefits of mahkota dewa fruit

  • High antioxidants
  • Maintain body health
  • Reduce pain cause uric acid
  • Detox
  • Reduce blood cholesterol
  • Immunity
  • Antivirus and antibacterial
  • Vitality
  • Good for heart disease

This amazing herbal fruit can stored longer if you dry it well. All good content in the mahkota dewa fruit such saponin, polifenol, flavanoids, alkaloids knows as a nature cure for all dangerous disease.

If you interest about this herbal remedy and want to try to use it, maybe this simple tips below can be useful.

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Mahkota dewa herbal drink

  • 100 gram dry mahkota dewa fruit
  • Boiled with 500 ml water and make it 250 ml
  • Strain in a glass 
  • Drink two times daily at morning and night

Side effect of this herbal drink is zero, totally no side effect. In some condition first time effect for people's who consume it is detox and stimulates blood circulation. 


  1. Very good information. Want to know where it is available in Kerala.

  2. Does drinking this Mahkota Dewa too often can be dangerous..?

    Mahkota dewa herbal drink

    100 gram dry mahkota dewa fruit
    Boiled with 500 ml water and make it 250 ml
    Strain in a glass
    Drink two times daily at morning and night

    For now im only taking it 1 time a week.. would like to know if it is safe to drink 2 times per day..?

    1. I think is not, this herbal remedy just forbidden to pregnant woman. If you want it, you can drink 1 times every 2 day.

  3. I have been asking myself the same thing! Does it safe to drink the mahkota dewa tea on daily basis?

    1. If you a little worry, just try 2-3 daily basis. But, some advice from your private doctor will be perfect before drink this herbal remedy.


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