Health Benefits of binahong leaves Herbal Remedy

Herbal remedy - Binahong leaves (Basselarubra linn) including vines that used to live fenced home. Binahong leaves, commonly used as an herbal medicine to overcome various diseases.

In my country, every woman who has given birth by surgery or get stitches, certainly use the binahong leaves so that the wounds can dry quickly.

Health benefit of binahong leaves

  • High antioxidants. 
  • Arkobat acid.
  • Total phenols.
  • High protein.
  • Overcome rheumatism.
  • Overcome diabetes.
  • Cure acne.
  • Healing wound of surgery.

How to use binahong leaves for health:


Use binahong leaves that crushed and rub in affected face.


Use binahong leaves that crushed and stick it

Other disease that came from bacteria or virus

Boil binahong leaves with water and drink one glass a day.


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