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Avoid Cells Damage with Health Benefits of Suji Leaves

Healthy suji leaf or in latin Dracaena angustifolia is natural plant that's very useful for treating all kind of disease, for example is cells damage, with this herbal remedy you can cure and prevent all kind of issues. Now peoples in Asia often used this suji leaf for prevent skin cancer and make it as a beauty care.
Suji leaf content a high polifenol, as a antibacterial for removing death cell. Flavonoids one of suji leaf content is powerful to avoid free radical in a human bodies, with this two remarkable minerals many benefits that you can get such a smooth skin, and healthy digestive.

Benefits of suji leaves: AntibacterialAnti toxicSmoothing skinHealthy digestivePrevent skin damagePrevent cell damage

As a plant who have many benefits, suji leaf also useful for colouring traditional cake and makes all that cake have distinctive smell. You have try it sometimes by eating this cakes you will know what kind of different that's makes. 
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How to plant healthy celery tree

Healthy celery is one of spicy that's very powerful for lowering high blood pressure, but sometimes we forget to buy it this amazing herbs at the markets. So I'm gonna tell you the secret to get more celery in your own garden kitchen and plant it so easily.

How to plant a healthy celery tree First thing first you have to have a celery of course, pick a fresh and good quality celery.Second, cut the roots of celery.And then put the roots into a glass or minerals bottle of water so it can still fresh.Put the bottle in your kitchen and you must be sure that's the celery plant is has enough sun.After several days, celery shoots is growing and celery roots more longger and bigger.Remove celery plant into a pot and spray with water every morning and afternoon to keep your celery plant fertilized.
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Healthy Tropical Fruits And Benefits For Health

Healthy tropical fruits thats growth in tropical climates usually have a nice taste and content a high antioxidant for example star fruit or carambola, this amazing fruits can give you an experient about tropical fruits taste such a sweet, juicy and sourness. 
Asian continent have a various fruits including local fruits and weird fruits, all this fruits can easily found in a local market or you can buy directly to the farmer in a garden. With all the knowledge about health, Asian tropical fruits knows as an anticancer that already proofed by a health research.

most recommended healthy fruits

Durian This fruits are fantastic for someone who have low blood pressure problem, with distinctive smell and taste also have a various names. growth and spread in Asian continent especially in Indonesia, I guaranteed you can addict to this fruit.
Mango Have a sweet taste and yellow color, usually found in certain season, when mango season came you can taste all kind of various mango with low price. …

The Most Recommended Healthy Fruits For Health

The most recommended healthy fruits for health with high antioxidants content is important for you to know, why, because it can give full protection against all dangerous disease. Not just a super fruits it self, you have to learn and choose from where it came and with way that fruits growth.  What im say is a natural organic healthy fruits, with this fruits that's always available on dining table everyday, you one way step forward to make a healthy living.

health benefits of goji berry

Apple Usually use for treating cancer and heart disease, with all vitamins and minerals content this super fruit can protect your life from the moment you eat it.
Strawberry High vitamin C and full with vitamins, some minerals in this fruit can protect your body against low immunity problem specially for those convelascing people's. 
Banana Don't underestimates this fruit, with high potassium content can protect your digestive against colon cancer. Banana fruit also a traditional remedies for …