How to plant healthy celery tree

Healthy celery is one of spicy that's very powerful for lowering high blood pressure, but sometimes we forget to buy it this amazing herbs at the markets. So I'm gonna tell you the secret to get more celery in your own garden kitchen and plant it so easily.

How to plant a healthy celery tree
  1. First thing first you have to have a celery of course, pick a fresh and good quality celery.
  2. Second, cut the roots of celery.
  3. And then put the roots into a glass or minerals bottle of water so it can still fresh.
  4. Put the bottle in your kitchen and you must be sure that's the celery plant is has enough sun.
  5. After several days, celery shoots is growing and celery roots more longger and bigger.
  6. Remove celery plant into a pot and spray with water every morning and afternoon to keep your celery plant fertilized.

That's the simple way to growing celery at your kitchen garden, if you feel you have more celery in your fridges, how about a hole celery garden at your own kitchen must great isn't. 

I apologize if this articles not suited for you, but my poin is to have an organic vegetables plant that's suitable for all so you can have a clean air and healthy living just by consumed.

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