Health benefits honeydew

Melon (curcumis melo L) is a type of fruit that grow vines and containing alot of water. It was taste sweet and gentle and so many people love it. 

I used to grow honeydew in pots (tanbulampot) and managed to get a fresh and healthy fruit. Besides thats a honeydew have healthy benefits for body again desease such as: 
  • Preventing lung cancer. 
  • Prevent breast cancer. 
  • Prevent diabetes. 
  • Prevent stroke. 
  • Overcome body heat.
  • Contains vitamin a and vitamin c. 
  • Rich in potassium and lycopene.

health benefits of honeydew

How to use it.
  • 100 gram of honeydew.
  • Wash and clean it.
  • Seed it.
  • Blend with water until 50 cc. 
  • This juice is drink twice a day at morning and night.
If you don't like honeydew juice, just eat it one bowl a day.

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