Back to Nature With Health Benefits of Senna Leaves Tea

China tea leaves commonly called by the name of senna leaves or leaves Alexandria. This tea has been known properties and has been used as a medicine since centuries ago. Besides having Cessai Angustilofia Latin name, this plant is also a shrub that grows up to 3 meters and has a delicate leaf-shaped oval, gray-green with a green stalk.

These plants are generally grown in tropical areas, and is commonly found in many countries of India, Pakistan, Egypt, North Africa, and Pakistan. Since the 9th century leaf china teak was first used by Arab doctors as a natural laxative.

health benefits of senna leaves tea

Besides being used as a tea for medicine, tea leaf china teak can also be consumed as a health drink daily, because it has properties of high enough for health.

This is some example of the benefits senna leaves tea for maintain body health.

1. Natural detox
Tea leaf china teak serves to eliminate toxins in the body, especially in the intestinal organs. It aims to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and the system of food nutrients in the body and collapsed into a form of energy.

2. Loose weight therapy
China senna leaf tea also has benefits for slimming so this herb is very suitable to be consumed as a daily diet menu. This herb has properties that are effective for slimming without risks that are harmful to health.

3. Remove distended stomach
Having a potbelly is one of the issues that are considered particularly important for people who are always concerned about appearances. Distended stomach caused by fat that collects in the abdomen. Eating Chinese senna leaf tea regularly, may help shrink a distended abdomen.

In addition to have three such benefits, tea leaves teak China has also been shown to help reduce the bad cholesterol levels and fat and can facilitate the system's metabolism in the body. if eat them regularly and not excessive, will give side effects such positive fruit bowel be a smoothly as well as the body is becoming more fresh.


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