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Health Benefits of binahong leaves Herbal Remedy

Herbal remedy - Binahong leaves (Basselarubra linn) including vines that used to live fenced home. Binahong leaves, commonly used as an herbal medicine to overcome various diseases.
In my country, every woman who has given birth by surgery or get stitches, certainly use the binahong leaves so that the wounds can dry quickly.

Health benefit of binahong leaves
High antioxidants. Arkobat acid.Total phenols.High protein.Overcome rheumatism.Overcome diabetes.Cure acne.Healing wound of surgery.

How to use binahong leaves for health:

Use binahong leaves that crushed and rub in affected face.
Use binahong leaves that crushed and stick it
Other disease that came from bacteria or virus
Boil binahong leaves with water and drink one glass a day.

Health benefits honeydew

Melon (curcumis melo L) is a type of fruit that grow vines and containing alot of water. It was taste sweet and gentle and so many people love it. 
I used to grow honeydew in pots (tanbulampot) and managed to get a fresh and healthy fruit. Besides thats a honeydew have healthy benefits for body again desease such as:  Preventing lung cancer. Prevent breast cancer. Prevent diabetes. Prevent stroke. Overcome body heat.Contains vitamin a and vitamin c. Rich in potassium and lycopene.

How to use it.
100 gram of honeydew.Wash and clean it.Seed it.Blend with water until 50 cc. This juice is drink twice a day at morning and night. Tips:
If you don't like honeydew juice, just eat it one bowl a day.

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benefits of pandan leaves

Health benefits of pandan leaf

Healthy pandan leaves is a plant species that live in tropical climates, and commonly grows on the edge of the river and the home backyard. Pandan leaves also known as fragrances for food and drinks in Indonesia. 
Besides useful for food and drinks, pandan leaves also useful for health. Health benefits of pandan leaf: Treat rheumatism. Treating high blood pressure. Appetite enhancer. Eliminate dandruff. Nourish the hair. Cope with weak nerves.

Here's how to make potions fragrant pandan. Directions: Five slices of pandan leaves. Boil 250 ml of water for 15 minutes and let stand until cool. Drink 1 day once in the morning or evening. For dandruff and hair nutrients applied and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with water until clean.

Spinach for cancer therapy

Spinach is kind of vegetable that's good to maintaining body health specially for children in grow age.
Spinach also knows has a power for a cartoon heroes, and good example for our children who use not like a vegetables.

One of spinach benefits:

Containing antioxidantContaining beta-caroteneGood for heart disease therapyGood for cancer therapyContaining fiberAnti-pireticDiureticCleaning blood
Some people on a diet weight loose also use this vegetables as a meal.
You can raw it, cook it or even eating it fresh.

How to make a simple spinach soup

SpinachWaterSpicesCorn Directions:

Boil waterPut spinach and cornAdd spicesServe hot

Healthy mangosteen fruit for maintaining body health

Mangosteen is a type of fruit that's many use for health and cure dangerous disease. A riset about health discover that a mangosteen skin containing the highest antioxidant and can be use to generated skin and maintaining body health.

Health benefits of mangosteen
Overcome asthma. Overcome diabetes. Overcome heart disease. Nourish skin. Overcome blood pressure. 
Mangosteen skin therapy
100 gram mangosteen skin. Wash it clean. Boil 3 glass of water with mangosteen skin until peel 1 glass then strain. Drink one glass daily, one  hour before sleep.
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Ginger herbal plant for 24 hours stamina

Ginger is one of the herbal plan that's have many use for maintaining body health. Specially for thos who work at night and open air.

Benefits of ginger:

Overcome fever. Reduce pain from injury. Stimulating stamina and energy.

How to make ginger drink for health. Ingredient:

Slices of ginger.A glass of hot water. Brown sugar.


Put a slices of ginger and brown sugar into a glass. Pour with hot water and stir it. Drink one glass a day at night. Also read:
red onion juice for gastric and leukaemia

Red onion juice for gastric and leukemia therapy

Red onion is always remembering me about my little time, everytime I had a gastric problem my parents use red union to relieve it.
One of benefits red onion is:

Lowers blood activity. Cure asthma. Destroying tumor cells. lowering cholesterol. Cure leukemia.Over come gastric problem for a chid.
How to use:

20 grams of onion. Washed clean. Then blender. Drink with one tablespoon of honey twice a day in morning and evening. Tips:
If you do not like this juice, use it as a food seasoning mixture.

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healthy strawberry juice for weight loos diet

Healthy Strawberry Juice for Weight Diet

Strawberry is kind of fruit that's everybody know and like, and it can make a various food and drinks. For example, ice cream, pudding, cakes and my favorite is healthy juice.

Health benefits of strawberry
Can use for diet, because containing low calorie.Anti inflamasi.Containing a lot of antioxidant.
Here's my tips for making a healthy strawberry juice.


100 grams fresh strawberryWash itThen blending with water 50 ccAdd milk if you likeDrink there times daily 1-2 hours before meals. Also read:
aloe vera plant for cure and nourish

Benefits Aloe Vera Plant for Health and Nourish Hair

Aloe vera plants are very useful to nourish the hair and can cope with various diseases. This plant has been developed to be the material of skin and beauty products. If you get bitten by poisoned insects, this amazing plant can be used as a first aid, with anti-inflammation content it can reduce and cure the effect of poison.

Benefits of Aloe vera:
Anti-inflammatory. Laxatives. Stomakik. Expectorant.
Diseases that can be cured by aloe vera:
Headaches. Constipation. Seizures in children. Malnutrition. Whooping cough. Vomiting blood. Diabetes. Hemorrhoids. Laxative menstruation.
How to use:
200 grams of fresh leaves of aloe vera. Washed and peeled, then boiled with three glasses of water for 15 minutes. After a cold, drink three times a day in the morning, noob and night.

To nourish the hair:

Fresh aloevera leaf. Taken the gelatinous part. Rub into the scalp after a shower in the afternoon. Then wrap the hair with a towel overnight. The next day wash your hair thoroughly. Used for three …

Healthy chili juice for reducing stress

Chilli is the type of herbs with many health benefits. Spicy sense that chili owned can reduce stress of a person.
In Indonesia we often to use chili as a appetizer during meals.

Benefit chili is:
Anti-diabetes. Pain relievers. Contains vitamin C which is very high.
How to use chili for healthy juice.

25 grams of washed red pepper. Discard the seeds. Then blender along with 100 grams of carrots and 50 grams of tomato. While blending add enough water. This juice drink once a day before mealsAlso read:
healthy soursop juice for preventing the aging process

Healthy soursop juice for preventing the aging process

Soursop fruits is kind of fruit that grow in tropical climate and can be use for health benefits, especially for adults. 
Using soursop fruit as a healthy juice, is very good for maintaining body health, because the content of that fruit is very powerful again aging process.
Health benefits of soursop fruit
Increase endurance. Preventing the aging process. Overcoming constipation. Overcoming interference sore hips. Overcoming uric acid. Overcoming back pain and gallstones. 

How to make a healthy juice soursop fruit


100 grams of fresh ripe soursop. Washed clean. Discard the seeds. Then blender. While blending add a little water to 50 cc. This juice drink one glass a day in two to three hours after breakfast or lunch.

Healthy lemon juice benefit for gallstones therapy

Healthy lemon fruit, is known by many people especially housewives. The usefulness of a lemon as an ingredient in beverages is also well known in America, that's why a lot of people selling lemon ice in hot weather.

Using lemon for maintain health, also began to be introduced as a precaution against various diseases.

Health benefits of lemonAnti cancerAntioxidant Destroying gallstones 

How to make a of healthy lemon juice.
100 grams of fresh lemons ripe fruit. Washed clean. Discard the seeds. Then blender. While blending add a little water to 50 cc. Healthy lemon juice is taken regularly after breakfast and dinner each glass.

Health Benefits Of Mango Juice

Healthy mango is a type of fruit that is widely available in tropical climates, for example Asia. Mango fruit also contains vitamin C which is high and can prevent various diseases, specially for infection disease and low vitamin c.
Health benefits of mangoes:

protect the body from infection. Cleaning the blood flow. Reduce excess body heat. Reduce pain. Eliminate body odor. Launched the digestive tract.
How to make healthy mango juice.

50 grams of fresh ripe mango. Washed and peeled. Discard the seeds. Then blender. While blending add water to 50 cc. This juice drink in the morning or afternoon, two or three hours before eating.

Healthy Pear Juice Benefit For Anti Fever Solutions

Healthy pear fruit is very good to overcome the fever, the water content in pears is very helpful for someone who is dehydrated.

Pear juice also can be healthy for the body, by drinking it every day. For some countries such a Africa, Arabia, this fruit can fill water need on human body.
Health benefits of pear
Treating diabetes. Anti-fever. Overcome indigestion. And if you frequently travel by vehicle, then prepare this fruit because it can cope with motion sickness. 
How to make into a healthy juice.

200 grams of fresh ripe pears. Washed and peeled. Then blender. Add water little by little until 50 cc. Drink three glasses of juice a day in the morning, noon and night.

Health Benefits Of Carrot

Healthy carrot is a vegetable that contains a lot of vitamin A, and is good for eye health. Besides that, carrots also be a companion foods such as steaks and seafood, can be processed into various types of food and healthy drinks to maintain body health. 

Health benefits of carrots
Very good for eye healthIncreasing the body's resistance to infectious diseasesPrevent constipationHelp remove compounds that are carcinogens through fecesPreventing blood cholesterol
How to use and make a healthy carrot juice.  Directions: 200 grams of fresh carrots washed. Discard the skin. Then blender. The juice is taken twice a day every morning and afternoon. 
For people with high uric acid, use healthy carrot juice mixed with apple fruit.

Healthy pineapple juice for anti-tumor therapy

Healthy pineapple is a fruit that has many benefits and many vitamins that prof can maintain body health. This fruit can be used as an assortment of food or drink, and made a nice healthy juice.

Health benefits of pineapple
Helps digestion of protein and constipation. Solvers protein and fat. Overcoming constipation problems. Overcoming trauma. Overcoming ARI. Overcoming arthritis and anti-tumor. 
How to make healthy pineapple juice.  Directions: 50 grams of fresh ripe pineapple. Washed and peeled. Then blended. Add water little by little until 50 cc. This juice drink one glass a day before bedtime. 

Do not overuse this pineapple juice therapy, especially for patients with arthritis. Just 1-2 tablespoons a day and pregnant women are forbidden to eat this fruit because it can interfere with pregnancy.

Healthy guava juice for dysentery problems

Healthy guava fruit is a type of fruit that grows in tropical climates, the taste is sweet and fresh  and very suitable to be used as a healthy juice.

The leaf of guava, can be use as herbal remedy to cure such a diarrhea disease, with 3 or 4 treatment  of guava leaf, your abdominal pain cause by diarrhea will stop and cure. Benefits of guava fruit
Coping with acute and chronic diarrhea.IndigestionColitisDysenteryDiabetes
How to make healthy guava juice. Directions: 100 grams of fresh ripe guava washed. Discard the seeds. Then blender. While blending add a little water to 50 cc. This juice drink one glass a day after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Healthy cucumber juice for digestive cleanse and skin nourish

Healthy cucumber is a vegetable that is good for the digestive cleanse. Besides easily found in the market, cucumber also cheaper. It is one of the benefits of cucumbers:

Helps cleanse the digestive Cool the body temperature Nourish the skinWas instrumental in the connective tissue such as intracellular, muslcles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone.
How to use a cucumber to be a healthy juice. Directions:

100 grams of fresh cucumber. Washed clean. Peeled. Then blend. While blending add a little water to 50 cc. The juice is taken three times a week after dinner.

Healthy papaya juice for constipation problems

Healthy papaya fruit is a tropical fruit that many benefits and uses. Some people make it as a remedies to cure various disease.  This is some of the benefits of papaya fruit:

Overcoming diarrhea Overcoming fever Overcoming allergies Overcoming injuriesOvercoming arthritic and rheumatism Streamlining Treating Gastric digestion Overcoming body heat Anti Amoeba Overcoming heart problems do fiber breaking
100 grams of ripe papaya washed Peeled seeded When you blender, add water little by little until 50 cc. 
Healthy papaya juice is ready to drink one glass a day in the morning or afternoon.

Healthy starfruit juice for lowering blood pressure

Healthy starfruit is the fruit that is great for the immune system and lowering blood pressure.  It was taste very sweet and can made healthy juices. The following are some benefits of star fruit:

As an anti-oxidant. Increase endurance. Lowering high blood pressure.Lowering cholesterol. Lowering bile acids in the body.

100 grams of fresh sweet starfruit washed. Blender with seeds. While blending add a little water to 50 cc.
Starfruit juice taken once daily after dinner.

Health benefits of corn

Healthy corn is a type of vegetable fiber and can be made a variety of foods and beverages, such as soup, cake, and juices. Corn also use as a diet meals on a diet program, people who consumed corn feel much healthier then before because the fiber effect on this vegetables.
Health benefits of corn: Prevent constipation.Good for weight loss.Muscle and bone builder.Useful for the health of the brain and nervous system. 

1-2 peeled and steamed corn cobs with 400 ml waterAfter chilling the seeds are separated from the cob. Blender with 50 cc of water.
Healthy corn juice with lots of fiber ready to be serve three times a week, each one glass after meals.

Healthy tomatoes juice for digestive problems

Healthy tomato fruit is very good for overcome stomach and digestive problems and maintain body health. With high antioxidants contain on tomatos you can through your day with a high protection. One way to consume is to make it a delicious tomato juice.
Health benefits of tomatoes:

Helps the body's metabolism.Digestive problems and constipation.Relieve the pain of patients with high uric acid.Help ward off cancer-causing free radicals.Cleanse the blood and liver and prevent appendicitis.

Direction :
50-100 grams of fresh tomatoes washed and then blended, drink 2-3 hours after eating one glass a day.

Healthy avocado juices for diabetes therapy

Healthy avocado juice is a healthy drink that can overcome diabetes problem, leaves of the avocado tree can cure kidney disease, abdominal pain and dysentery.

Avocado fruit also as a basic ingredient for organic cosmetic, with avocado mask you can smooth your skin faces. 
Health benefits of avocado juice
Treating thrush. Treating diabetes.Treating high blood pressure.Smoothes dry face skin. Pain cavities. Reducing inflammation in the bone. 

How to make healthy avocado juice:
100 gram ripe avocado washed with running water, seeds removedDiced and then blended. Add water or soy milk little by little until 50 cc. This juice drink one glass a day in the afternoon or evening after meals.

Healthy celery juice for younger every day

Healthy celery is a vegetable that's growth in the Asian continent. These vegetables can make you younger every day, with a consuming routine.
Benefits of celery:

Good for the health of the stomach wall and intestinal tract.Keeping cells youthful (slows cell aging). Treating asthma. Treating diabetes. Treating arthritis. Treating neurits.Treat rheumatism. Blood flow. Neutralize body acids. Protecting da brain nervous system.Maintain flexibility and muscle activity. Lowering blood pressure. Maintain body weight.
How to use:
3-4 celery stalks 30 cm size, washed and blended add 50cc of water. The juice is taken once daily 2-3 hours of glass after meals.

Healthy grape juice for cholesterol therapy

Healthy grape is one of the fruits that contain alot of vitamins and minerals, have high antioxidant and very powerful against some dangerous disease such a cholesterol problem.

Grape fruit also can be a alternative diet to loose body weight, just try out for a month you definitely feel the the different.  If you have problem with your regularly diet program, consuming grape juice maybe an excellent choice. 
Health benefits of grape:

Lose fat on the kidneys and other body parts. Contains tannin and is capable of attacking the virus. The content of flavonoids as antioxidants and prevent atherosclerosis Contain iron. Prevent constipation.Cleaning the liver. Helps kidney function. Supports blood formation. Disabling virus and lowering cholesterol. 
How to use grape for health, is to make it a healthy juice: 100 grams of fresh grapes washed and seeded, then blended with 50 cc boiled water. This juice is taken regularly one a day after lunch.

Health Benefits of Banana Fruits for Gastric Therapy

Healthy banana is a fruit that is widely available in traditional markets and modern markets and very good for body health specially for those people who have gastric problem. 

This heaven fruit can be grown in tropical climates and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that very good for maintain health.
Health benefits of healthy bananas
Balance of water in the body. Lowering blood pressure. Maintaining heart health. Helps transport oxygen into the brain.Bananas are not ripe enough to have a high content of hemicellulose. Helps disposal of fats in the blood.Bananas are good for peptic ulcer disease. 
How to use:
100 grams of fresh bananas ripe washed pliers remove the seeds, then blend. While blending add a little water to a 50 cc. Drink banana juice in the morning or afternoon one glass a day

Healthy apple juice for diabetes therapy

Health benefits of apple juice - In today's modern era, being healthy is something expensive, because if you are sick it would have to spend much money to go to the doctor and buy medicine.
In fact, being healthy is not something difficult. You only need to consume fresh fruit everyday, so that your health is maintained well.

Healthy apple fruit for example, this fruit become favored by many people, the taste is sweet and crisp made apple use to consume in a variety of situations.

Many nutrients contained in apple fruit such a vitamins and minerals and high antioxidant, if you want to maintain body health an apple a day can be a great way to boost your protection against various disease. 
10 health benefits of apple:
Improving the digestive musclesPushing the food waste sewerAbsorbing excess water in the intestineControlling the release of insulinLowering blood pressure and cholesterolBody cleanseHeal any inflammationCure all infection Help the formation of boneAbsorb calcium from …