Healthy grape juice for cholesterol therapy

Healthy grape is one of the fruits that contain alot of vitamins and minerals, have high antioxidant and very powerful against some dangerous disease such a cholesterol problem.

health benefits of grape fruit

Grape fruit also can be a alternative diet to loose body weight, just try out for a month you definitely feel the the different.  If you have problem with your regularly diet program, consuming grape juice maybe an excellent choice. 

Health benefits of grape:

  1. Lose fat on the kidneys and other body parts. 
  2. Contains tannin and is capable of attacking the virus. 
  3. The content of flavonoids as antioxidants and prevent atherosclerosis 
  4. Contain iron. 
  5. Prevent constipation.
  6. Cleaning the liver. 
  7. Helps kidney function. 
  8. Supports blood formation. 
  9. Disabling virus and lowering cholesterol. 

How to use grape for health, is to make it a healthy juice:
100 grams of fresh grapes washed and seeded, then blended with 50 cc boiled water. This juice is taken regularly one a day after lunch.


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