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Benefits of warm lemon water

Start a day with fresh lemon water can be a good way to crushing fat in your bodies after all day meals. The benefits of lemon water is very fantastic after you try it for one or two weeks, fresh body and stamina boost can directly feel after your drink lemon water.

Why warm lemon water is recommended?  After long journey of research about health, this warm water can easily blend with lemon water without loosening any minerals and vitamins. Potassium content In lemon is high then grape and apple, high vitamin C can smooth wrinkle skin, you never believe it after try this lemon water for a weeks.
Other benefits of warm lemon water ImmunityGood for heartHealthy digestionFresh breathReduce uric acid
For some people who doing a weight loose diet program, drinking this lemon water is can reduce view pound if you drink it routinely. In yoga program every student must drink this lemon water every morning for a better result of yoga programs. 
Just try it, is cheap, no chemical and alot benefi…

3 simple way to detect dehydration

Water is a natural element that's body needed, even when cold season our body still need water to avoid dehydration.  Drink water every morning is a good start to maintain fluid balance in body's and push the toxic through urine. If you have hearth problem, consuming warm water can reduce hearth palpitations, can heal our bodies, providing digestive power and reducing metabolic waste,  according to alternative medicine in Indonesia.
The characteristic and quality of water that's we drink is very decisive for first protection against various disease, you have to know ph contain and balance of a drink water so you can decide wich one is the best for you and families.

How to know that's a body need fresh water and detected dehydration, here some simple way:
Yellow urine color Its sign your body have enough water and not dehydration but consume more water can be a good for your kidney. 
White urine color Good water consumed for body, if you still can maintain the water supl…

Health Benefits Of Goji Berry

Health benefits of goji berry: Cardiovascular healthAnti agingAnti cancerCure diabeticCure high blood pressureAnti inflamasiMaintain eyes healthSmooth skinAnti infection
Healthy goji berry (Lycium barbarum), this berry fruit came from china and tibet land, some people call it a super food because contain high antioxidants. In some believes this berry call long life fruit, for some reason I think is true.
Goji berry benefits for skin is amazing with high vitamin E content can rejuvenate and smooth skin. Goji berry wight loss, very effective for diet program with 18 amino acid content, you can trough your diet program with easy and fast way. Goji berries benefits and side effect, we all know this amazing fruit have their own dose, but if you consume a diabetes and high blood pressure drugs you have to avoid this berries. 
Goji berry contains:  Amino acidHigh vitamin COmega-6Vitamin EMineralsCaroteneCalcium fiberProteinsIron

Amazing Health Benefits Of Antidema Bunius

Health benefits of Antidema bunius:
Immunity. Antioxidant. Treating heart palpitations. Digestive problems. Good for eye health. Prevent cancer. Tighten and rejuvenate the skin
Bignay fruit (antidema bunius L) is fruit that's native in south east asia, hase a sweet and sour taste and contain many vitamins and minerals that's body needed. In Indonesia bignay use to make as a sweet with all variants taste.

If you curious about bignay content, here some of bignay contain:

High vitamin C Vitamin B1, B2Vitamin EMineralsFosforusFiberPotassium

Amazing Health Benefits Of Olive

Health benefits of olive: Able to fight cancerPrevent diabeticLowering the risk of heart diseaseRemove arthritisPrevent senileMaintain healthy skinNourish hairRemove stretch mark

Benefits of olive oil for hair is fabulous, you can add it in you're daily beauty treatment for smooth and shined hair. Young olive fruit can be eaten and hase bitter taste, vegetarian used in their salad as additional taste and take the benefit of it for maintain body health. 

Benefits of olive oil for skin is to nourish and moisturize, able to remove stretch mark with routine used.

Health Benefits Of Arbus Precatorius Leaf

Saga leaves (Arbus Precatorius) is a kind of herb that thrives in tropical climates. Arbus precatorius medicinal used to treat various ailments such as coughs and thrush. Arbus precatorius including climbing tree whose leaves are small and have a red seed, arbus precatorius poisoning seeds is dangerous that's way some countries used the seeds for accessories.   How to grow arbus precatorius so easily by through seeds, according to research arbus leaves very powerful to overcome all kinds of cough. 

Health benefits of arbus precatorius:  Treating heart palpitations. Treating high blood pressure. Treating cough. Treating thrush. 
The content of saga leaf:
Glyeyrrhizin. Abrus lactone. Abrusgerat acid.

Regenerated Your Skin With Health Benefits Of Lanseh Fruit

Healthy lanseh fruit (lansium domesticum) is a fruit came from south east asia in the west side, from member of a family meliaceae with a high tree and has bitter seeds. Lanseh fruit contain alot vitamins and minerals that's body need specially for recovery.

With high vitamin C content, lanseh fruit can be an antioxidant for maintain body health. Vitamin E in this fruit can smooth and regenerated skin if you consumed routine.

Health benefits of lanseh fruit:

Anti agingAntioxidantStrongest teethHealthy skin keeperFast recoveryLaunched digestive systemMaintain the healthy gums

Lanseh fruit  health contains:

MineralsCalciumProteinsCarbohydratesFosforusIronLanzonesVitamin CVitamin E

The Powerful Health Benefits Of Mushroom

Mushroom is a plant that growth without a chlorophyll, it taken a nutrition from rotten wood tree for growth. Mushroom also used for a meal and have delicious taste, but not all the mushroom can be eaten because some mushroom is very poison. According to the research, mushroom contain alot of vitamins and minerals and very good against infection desease and burn body fat.

Health benefits of mushroom: Good for diabeticImmunity against infectionBurn body fatReduce the risk of anemiaGood for bones

Mushroom health contains: Amino acidProteinsFiberMagnesiumCalciumCarbohydratesMineralsSodiumNature insulinVitamins AVitamins CVitamins B6, B12

Health Benefits Of Jasmine

Healthy jasmine (Jasminum Sambac Ait) is a flower that smells good, a lot of people like this plant because distinctive fragrance. Jasmine is often used by our ancestors as a herbal medicine to treat various diseases, one of which is asthma.

How to use jasmine is very easy, simply dried and used as a tea or jasmine soften and pinned in the pain place. For example if you have a headache, take 6 jasmine then puree and paste in the forehead. 

Health Benefits of jasmine:  Treating headaches. Treating asthma.  Treating a fever. Treat sore eyes. 
Content of jasmine:
Lyvalylavetaet. Indole. Benzyl.

Health Benefits Of Tofu

Healthy tofu one of the food that's processed from soybeans, has a tremendous benefit in maintaining health, especially for those who want to go on a diet. Tofu first introduced by the Chinese nation as food and well-liked because of its soft texture and high in protein. The benefits will be felt more intense if tofu consumed every day as a companion to the main meal.

Health benefits of tofu:

Good for the heart. Anti cancer. Prevent anemia. Preventing osteoporosis. 
Tofu contains:

Riboflavin.Thiamin. Niacin. Folic acid. Zinc. Magnesium. Calcium. Potassium. Iron. Phosphorus. Vitamin D. Vitamin A. Vitamin B6. Vitamin C


Healthy beansprouts is a vegetable that contains many benefits, one of the benefits of beansprouts is as low-calorie and high in fiber so it can push the feces in the colon and eliminate toxic buildup. Beansprouts itself is derived from the seeds of greenpeal, three centimeters high and has a nut parts on top of it. Many couples who do not have children consume beansprouts in order to nourish the uterus. 

Health benefits of beansprouts:  Preventing cancer. Preventing heart attack. Prevent stroke. Preventing osteoporosis. Immunity. Antioxidant. Slimming the body. Rejuvenate and soften the skin. 
The content of beansprouts:
Caravanine. Calcium. Estrogen. Saponins. Phosphorus. Potassium. Iron. Folic acid. Zinc. Vitamins B, C, E


Ginseng is a herb that comes from the land of China and spread throughout the world. Ginseng is also rich in minerals and is very useful for maintaining a healthy body. One of the benefits of ginseng is to increase stamina, according to the study of ginseng, people who consume ginseng have the stamina twice of the ordinary.

Health benefits of ginseng:

Curing rheumatism. Asthma medication. Increase appetite. Stamina enhancer. Immunity. Blood circulation. Reduce the risk of anemia. 
Content of ginseng:

Phytosterols. Polysaccharides. Polyacetylenes. Saponins. Peptides. Magnesium. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5. Vitamin C. Folate. Calcium. Fiber.


Healthy purple ginger or in Latin Zingiber purpureum Roxb, is a type of herb that is often used as a culinary spice mix, originating from tropical Asia and spread to India. Easily grown in many places as long to get enough sunlight making it suitable as an herb that an alternative choice for your health.

Health benefits of purple ginger: Cure headaches. Cure rheumatism. Cure hepatitis.

Health contains:  Organic acids. Minerals. Essential oil. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-pyretic. Analgesics. Carminative.


If you want your skin taut and not easily wrinkled maybe you can the answer in healthy purple yam. Purple yam is one of the largest natural collagen that can be used as a skin beaty care. With high fiber content, use to aid digestion. Purple yam also low in calories and suitable as a replacement meal for diet program. 

Health benefits of purple yam:

Anti cancer.Immunity. Anti aging.Good for diabetes.Good for eyes health. Antioxidant

Purple yam content:

Vitamin C, EVitamin B1ZincLysineMagnesiumRude fiberMineralsProtein