Health Benefits Of Arbus Precatorius Leaf

Saga leaves (Arbus Precatorius) is a kind of herb that thrives in tropical climates. Arbus precatorius medicinal used to treat various ailments such as coughs and thrush. Arbus precatorius including climbing tree whose leaves are small and have a red seed, arbus precatorius poisoning seeds is dangerous that's way some countries used the seeds for accessories.   How to grow arbus precatorius so easily by through seeds, according to research arbus leaves very powerful to overcome all kinds of cough. 

Health benefits of arbus precatorius: 
  • Treating heart palpitations. 
  • Treating high blood pressure. 
  • Treating cough. 
  • Treating thrush. 

The content of saga leaf:
  • Glyeyrrhizin. 
  • Abrus lactone. 
  • Abrusgerat acid.


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