5 Amazing Health Benefits of Ciplukan Plant (Physalis Angulata)

Health benefits of ciplukan plant - Ciplukan plant or in latin knows as Physalis angulata is a wild plant species commonly encountered in the rice fields. Typically these plants grow well and lush after the farmers harvest. Ciplukan plant consists of leaves, fruits, stems and roots. Even in some areas, especially urban, ciplukan usually in perjual traded, given its incredible power to cure disease and for the health of the body.

All the structures ciplukan plant, could help treat diseases that can be categorized in major diseases. But many people who have been underestimated without knowing the efficacy of traditional medicine, and only taste sweet fruit without knowing efficacious properties of stems, leaves and roots.

Ciplukan plants content:
  • vitamin C 
  • Sugar
  • Fisalin
  • Tannins
  • Kriptoxantin
  • Polyphenols 
  • Steroids lies in his palmitic acid
  • Stearic lies in its seeds
  • Flavonoids and saponins located on leaves and shoots 
  • Alkaloid chlorogenic acid lies at its root

health benefits of ciplukan plant

If you are curious about any efficacy and benefits of ciplukan plant? this following could be the answer:

1. Treating diabetes mellitus
ways of presenting traditional medicine:
Select plants that have fruit and aged, unplug the plant and take the roots and clean it before in a stew, it's good to set aside some time to be under the ciplukan roots wither. Then boiled roots ciplukan with 3 cups water, wait until the stew is really boiling and left only one glass only. Next take the remaining water and clean the filter up from the roots, taking one day and do it regularly.

2. Treating epilepsy / epileptic
If you or a family member there who suffer from this fatal disease, it is better to consume about 8 to 10 grains per day, the content in the fruit ciplukan can help overcome epilepsy periodically.

3. Lowering high blood
Efficacy ciplukan other fruit is as a traditional medicine that can help lower high blood pressure / hypertension. How to serve: 5 grams ciplukan fruit, boiled with 110 ml of water for approximately 10 samapai 15 minutes while continuing to stir. after reaching the specified time, strain the cooking water and let cool for a moment and then drink 2 times a day. Things need to remember is do not be too long to save for AKN reduce or even eliminate existing compounds.

4. Treating Lung illness
Efficacy other is to help treat lung disease, but this time not only fruit, but all the structures on the plant from the roots, leaves, flowers, stems and fruits boiled until boiling with water for 3 to 5 cups only, and as previously strain then drink regularly three times a day

5. Fight cancer
wow, this is very unusual, according to some medical studies, steroid on leaves and fruit ciplukan can help fight and kill malignant cells grow in the body. And the study also states that ciplukan plant extracts that shrinks cancerous tumors.

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