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An apple a day keep the doctor away, that's very familiar among us. Eat an apple daily is very good to maintain body health specially for those who have weak immunity for example children.

Many research study about health benefits an apple fruit, proof antioxidant that contain in an apple is high and can cure some dangerous disease, for example cancer. Beside that an apple fruit can make smooth and beautiful skin, that's way every woman like this fruit.
How to consume an apple is easy, you just can eat raw or make it a  healthy juice or combine with other fruit. 
Healthy apple juice for cancer therapy: 1 or 2 fresh appleWash itAdd 50 cc waterThen blenderConsume 3 times daily 

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Lemon and lime is a natural herb medicine for cough, beside that lemon and lime also contain high vitamin c and antioxidant. For example if you want to maintain body health, consuming high vitamin c everyday is a must. 
Here are herb recipe of lemon to overcome cough disease.
One lemon cut halfSqueeze it Mix with one tablespoons sweet ketchupDrink three times daily after eat.
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healthy fruits plantations

Healthy Fruits Plantations

Healthy fruits and vegetables recreation make our knowledge about al vitamins and minerals contain in it increasingly. For example a plantations, we learn how to growth an organic fruit plant, taste it from the plant it selves. 
A honeydew plantations, easy to find in a village but an organic honeydew plantation is hard to find. In here children learn fruits contain, how to plant it and how to harvest.

Students are the most enthusiast visitor, ask the local farm how to growth an organic healthy fruit plantations. As a souvenir they brought healthy fruit from organic plantations.

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Easy Way To Make Healthy Carrot Juice

Carrot fruit is a healthy fruit you should consume, vitamins and minerals contain in a carrot can provide a body needs. For example if you eat 1-2 raw carrot a day you may just one way to a healthy live and prevent disease.

Here some tips to make a healthy carrot juice.


Carrot peeledWash it cleanBlender with little waterAdd icePore into a juice glass
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Healthy Pineapple Fruit For Beauty Treatment

Pineapple contain bromaelin enzyme that's good for beauty treatment and pineapple also contain alfa hydroxy that's proof as a anti-aging.  Here some pineapple benefits for beauty treatment.  Remove black dot from skin face Remove death skin cells Smooth skin face Reduce and cure acne 
How to make and use it.
Direction: 1 pineapple fruit peeled and wash it Then blender Strain pineapple juice Scrab skin face with strain pineapple juice with cotton And wash it clean after five minute
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health benefits of sambiloto leaves

Health Benefits Of Sambiloto Leaves

Sambiloto (andrographis paniculata) knows as a herbal plant that's very good for prevent and cure some dangerous disease. Originally from india and srilanka and spread to other asia country.

This herbal plant profs that no matter how hard your disease, can be cure with this sambiloto herbal remedy.

High antioxidant content from this herbal plant, can reduce, overcome and even cure the various dangerous disease.

Health benefits of sambiloto: Overcome tifoidOvercome high blood pressureOvercome diabeticOvercome meningitisOvercome malariaOvercome feverOvercome tuberculosis

How to use this sambiloto, just brew it with hot water and drink the water. For better results just begin with little doses and feel the different.

Make sure to consult with your doctor before use this sambiloto herbal remedy, for better and saver treatment.
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Healthy Rambutan Juice Recipe

Rambutan is a tropical fruit that's contain alot of health benefits, One way to use it is as a healthy juice. But if you don't like this healthy juice just eat like other fruit. 
Ingredient: Rambutan fruitIceJuice glass

Direction: Rambutan fruit peeledAnd seededWash itThen blender with icePore into a juice glassIf you like sweet taste just add sugar or honey

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Cassava is plant that's growth alot in Indonesia, the colonial brought this plant from brazil and contain high calories. 
Cassava contain: High carbohydratesFiberHigh proteinsVitamin kVitamin B complexKaliumMinerals

Cassava health benefits: Lower the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancerHelp diabetic patientOvercome brain nerve damageGood for digestive problems
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Indonesian Healthy Fruits Roundup

This is a picture of indonesian rujak a way to enjoy healthy fruits, with all varian fruit and spicy ingredient makes everyone like this roundup fruit.  Here some following steps to make it:
Ingredient: Mango fruitPapaya fruitPineapple fruitYam beanschiliSaltLiquid brown sugar

Direction: All fruits peeled and wash itSlice into a little pieceMix sugar and chiliAdd liquid brown sugar and mix againPore in top of slice fruits

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Pineapple Drink Recipe

Pineapple is kind of fruit that's growth in tropical climate, usually pineapple is very good if you make it a healthy juice. This are following step how make pineapple drink recipe. 
Ingredient: Pineapple fruitWhite sugarIceJuice glass

Peeled pineappleWash itBlender with little waterAdd white sugar or milk if you likeAdd icePore into a juice glassDrink two time daily for better result

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Ingredient: 2 fresh red guava fruitIceWater2 tablespoons white sugarJuice glas

Direction fresh guava recipes juice: Guava fruit wash cleanSlice into smal piecesThen blender with 50 cc water Add white sugar if you likePore into a juice glassAdd ice on top

This fresh guava recipes juice good for lower thrombosis patients. 
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Healthy Tomatoes Juice Recipe

Healthy tomato juice is good for uric acid and eyes health, contain alot of vitamins and minerals.


3 fresh tomatoesGlassWhite sugar if you likeIce


Wash tomatoes and dry itAdd iceAnd blenderStrain the juicePore into a glass Consume three time daily for maintain body health
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papaya juice recipe and benefits


Papaya fruit one of the tropical fruit that's contain alot of benefits for those who have constipation problem. Contain high vitamin a and fiber and can be a healthy juice. This are following step to make a healthy papaya juice. 


100 gram papaya fruitIceSugarJuice glass


Papaya fruit peeled and seededBlender with iceAdd white sugar or honey if you likePore into a juice glassConsume daily for best result

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