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Yam bean health benefits

Yam bean is one of fruit that have many benefits for health. the taste is sweet and contains a lot of water, is preferred as an alternative to body fluids. 
Yam bean content:  Calcium Carbohydrate Protein Fat Vitamins 
Benefits Iron bengkoang:

Lowering levels of cholesterol in the bodyTreat thrushTreating kidney diseaseHealthy teeth and bonesReduce feverSlowing the aging processBrighten the faceRemove black spots on the face How to use face masker:
Squeeze the grated yam, apply the face for 15 minutes then wash.

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gooseberry health benefits

Gooseberry benefits

Otaheite gooseberry (Phyllanthus acidus) is a type of fruit that has a sour flavor, used to make candied fruit and very good for cancer.  Gooseberry contain:  CarbohydratesProteinCalciumCrude fiberIronPhosphorusThiaminVitamin cRiboflavin

Benefits gooseberry:

very good for treating asthmaTurning off cancer cellsTreat leukemiaGood for slimmingTreating thrush  How to use:
Eat it raw gooseberry 10-15 pieces a day for treating cancer , if not like the sour taste, make a candied fruit.

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kiwi fruit health benefits

Kiwi fruit health benefits

Kiwi fruit including fruit are highly recommended to maintain a healthy body. Kiwi fruit also contains vitamin C more highly than oranges.  The content of kiwifruit: High vitamin C Vitamin EEssential fatty acidsAlpha linolenicFiberCarotenoidsMagnesiumPotassium
Benefits kiwifruit:

Overcoming asthmaGood for eye healthImmunityImproving heart healthPreventing cancerMaintaining healthy skinGood for digestion
How to make kiwi juice.

100 grams of fresh fruit and ripe kiwi. Skin removed and washed. Blender with a little water. Drink three times a day before meals.  Tips:
Eat raw 5-7 kiwi fruit for a week to maintain health.

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rose apple benefits

Rose apple benefits

Rose apple is a type of fruit that is widely available in Asia, shady trees make many residents planted in the house. Rose apple fruit also have many benefits for the body to maintain health. 
The content of the rose apple:  Vitamin cVitamin aAntioxidantIronCalciumMagnesiumPotassiumZincFiberThiaminProteinCarbohydratesRiboflavin

Benefits of rose apple: ImmunityReduce fever Prevent dehydrationPreventing diabetesMaintaining eye healthIncrease fertility Prevent diarrheaRejuvenate the skin
How to make rose apple juice for diet. Directions: 100 grams of rose appleWashed and deseededBlender with a little waterDrink three times a day before meals
Tips:  Do not over consume this fruit because it can cause coughing.
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Passion fruit benefits

Passion fruit is a type of fruit that is widely available in the market both traditional and modern markets, it tastes sour and sweet much liked by the fans of healthy juices.  The content of passion fruit: Vitamin cBeta-caroteneAntioxidantIronFolic acidSodiumNatural sugarFiberPotassium
The benefits of passion fruit:
Good for the hearDigestive problemsReduce the risk of arthritis and Parkinson'sPrevent cancer and inflammatory diseases.Immunity Tips:
Just eat passion fruit to maintaining body health or make it as a healthy juice.  Also read: dragon fruit benefits

Dragon fruit benefits

Dragon fruit is a type of fruit that is rich in benefits and contain many nutrients your body needs.  The content of dragon fruit: Vitamin c Vitamin b1, b2CarbohydratesProteinFiber IronProvitamin ABeta-caroteneCalciumPhosphorusNiacin

Benefit of dragon fruit:  Lowering cholesterolTreating anemiaGood for eye healthPreventing cancerPreventing heart diseasePrevent strokeImmunityPreventing premature aging How to use dragon fruit as a healthy juice.
Directions: 1 dragon fruitPeeled and washedThen blenderAdd a little water.Drinking in the morning and evening one hour after meals. Also read:green bitter benefits

Green bitter benefits

Green pare (bitter) is one of the types of vegetables that have a bitter taste. But bitter also has many health benefits.  Here is some containt of bitter: AlbuminoidAntioxidantPigmentsCarbohydratesBeta-caroteneFiberProteinCalciumPhosphorusVitamins A, B1, C 

Bitter Benefits:
Anti-inflammatoryTreating diabetesLowering blood glucoseKeeping blood sugar levels stableLose weightGood for the skinCleanse the kidneysCoping with asthma or bronchitisPreventing constipationCreating a healthy heartAgainst cancer cells
Consuming bitter regularly can maintaining body health. 
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radish benefits

Radish benefits

Horseradish is a type of tuber vegetable that is widely available in the Asian continent and the many health benefits. Radish contains: NiacinCholineCalciumPhosphorusCrude fiberVitamins A, B1, B2

Benefits radish: Overcoming influenzaTreat high blood pressureCoping with heart diseaseOvercoming tuberculosisAddressing asthmaCoping with lung diseasePreventing cancerPrevent eczemaKidney stones
By regularly consuming radishes, will be good for health.
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Water melon benefits

Watermelon is the kind of fruits that contain lots of water and beneficial for health. Having a sweet taste and can be used as a healthy juice. 

The content of watermelon:  NutritionFiberPotassiumVitamin cMineral. Beta-carotene
Benefits of watermelon:
Good for eye healthNeutralize free radicalsMaking healthy kidneys, because it helps increase the flow of urine. Strengthen the bones of the body. ImmunityReducing body fat

Watermelon consumed regularly can help maintain a healthy body.
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onion nutritional benefits

Onion nutritional benefits

Onions are a vegetable that is famous the world community. Various processed foods are made and onion mix as one of the ingredients. Did you know that the benefits of onions so great for health, especially respiratory disease? 

Here are some onion nutritional content: Rich thiosulfinatSulfur oxidesFrukto-oligosaccharidesFlavonoidsAnticlotting
Onions benefits: Overcome coughColdsGood for the heartTreating strep throatTreating asthmaBacterial infectionsPrevention of cancer
Tips: Because onions are sensitive to gastric, eat the right amount and do not overdo it.

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stinky beans benefits

Stinky beans benefits

Stinky beans is kind of vegetables with high trees and dense leaves. Usually used as a mixture in dishes like fried rice and the Americans used to call it "the most horible food". But in terms of benefits, stinky beans are very good for preventing various diseases. 

Stinky beans ingredients: Tryptophhan proteinVitamin B6Vitamin B12IronHigh potassiumFiberCarbohydrates
Some of its benefits:  Reduces the effects of a strokeNeutralize gastric injuryPreventing obesityPushing the power of the brainFighting high blood pressurePrevent anemiaAvoiding depression  Eat wisely because stinky beans cause bad odor.

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Greenpeal benefits

Greenpeal are a vegetable that is widely used for medical therapy, for example, is a cholesterol therapy and weight loss treatment. The greenpeal came from India and spread to Asia, often used for herbal medicine.  The content of greenpeal:  Protein. Low cholesterol. Vitamin B. Carbohydrates. Antioxidant. 
Benefits of greenpeal:
Diabetes therapy. Preventing breast cancer. Menopause. Plant-based energy sources.
How to use greenpeal:
1/2 kg of greenpeal. Washed clean. Soaked with water for 3 hours. Boil water and input a green beans. Stir until cooked. This porridge is eaten three times a day for people with diabetes and cholesterol therapy.

Water groud benefits

Water gourd is a vegetable that has many benefits, one of which is to overcome digestive problems. The content that is owned water groud is great for those who have digestive problems and is useful to keep it healthy. Contaning of water groud: Rich in fiber Minerals Potassium Vitamin B3 and B6Water.

Benefits of gourd water: Treating high blood pressure. Reduce the heat. Facilitate the digestive process. Treating typhus.  Treat rheumatism. Treating diabetes. Lowering cholesterol.  How to use a water groud:
1 water groud.  Steamed. Or grated and squeezed.Strain Drink two times daily at morning and night.

Snake fruit benefits

Snake fruit is a type of fruit that comes from the tropical regions and preferred by many people in asia and europe. Has a sweet taste, tamarind, makes snake fruit can be a healthy and delicious juice . 

The snake fruit content:  Vitamin c Lekopin and tanninsFiberCalcium CarbohydratesIron Benefits of skin fruit:
Good for weight loss therapyPreventing prostate cancerBrain foodPreventing constipation 
How to use snake fruit as a healthy juice. Directions: 100 grams of skin fruitParedDeseededThen blenderAdd water to 50 ccTaken three times a day in the morning and afternoon.
If you do not like this juice, eat just like other fruit.

String beans benefits

String bean is a vegetable that is widely available in Asia and can be used as a healthy food for people who undergo cardiac therapy. Readily available in a variety of markets and the price is cheap. Some people make string beans as raw foods that can be eaten at any time.

Benefits string bean: Preventing stroke. Good for the heart. Overcoming constipation. High blood pressure. Source of vegetable protein. 
How to use string bean:
100 grams of beans. Washed clean. Used as a salad mixed with other vegetables.

Vegetable starfruits benefits

Vegetable starfruit (Averrhoa bilimbi L) one type of fruit that has a sour taste and can be used for treating various diseases. Growing up in a tropical climate and is often used as complementary dishes. Vegetable starfruits containing: Potassium. Tannin. Vitamin c. Glucoside.

Benefits vegetable starfruits: Treating cough. Treating acne. Treating high blood pressure. Treating thrush. Treating diabetes. Treating asthma Treat rheumatism.
How to use: 100 grams of starfruit. Washed clean. Grated and squeezed. Strain and drink with honey.
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Eggplants benefits

Eggplant is a healthy vegetables and easy to find in traditional market and super market. Can be processed into food that tastes good and can be enjoyed by anyone.  The content of eggplant: Bioflavonoids. Vitamin k. Rich in fiber. Calcium. Minerals. Benefits eggplant:
Overcoming digestive tract. Good for the heart. Brain food. Controlling blood pressure. Prevent anemia. Strengthen bones. 
How to make eggplant juice: 100 grams'of fresh eggplant. Washed clean. Discard the seeds. Blender with 50 cc of water. Drink once a day at night time. Tips:
If you do not like this juice, make into dishes or steamed.

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swamp cabbages benefits

swamp cabbages benefits

Swamp Cabbage is a vegetable that grows in watery soil and tropical climate and is also a vegetables that's containing antioxidant, vitamins and alot of minerals.  Vitamins that's containing in swamp cabbage is: Vitamin a. Vitamin c. Vitamin b complex. Folic acid

Containing minerals in swamp cabbages:  Calcium. Manganese. Potassium. Magnesium. Essential oils
Benefits of swamp cabbages : Appetite Insomnia. Coping with toothache. Preventing Diabetes. Lowering glucose levels in the blood. Control platelets. Oral health.
How to use:  Swamp cabbage is eaten raw or used as a salad.
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Broocoli nutrients

Broccoli is a vegetable that is often consumed by many people. It tastes good and can be used as a healthy juice. Broccoli comes from mainland Europe, it can be planted and thrive in cold regions.
Broocoli nu : Iron ProteinCalciumChromiumCarbohydratesVitamin AVitamin C

Benefits of broccoli: Anti cancer. Coping with menopause. Good for eyes health. Digestive problems. Antioxidant.
How to make broccoli juice: 100 grams of broccoli. Washed clean. Then blender. Add water little by little until 50 cc. Drink twice a day in the morning and afternoon.
Tips: If you not likes this juice, eat it raw, steamed or make a salad, that's how to utilizes broocoli nutrients.

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garlic benefits

Garlic benefits

Garlic is one of the types vegetables are many benefits for maintaining a healthy body. It feels sharp and distinctive makes some people do not like it. In some confidence garlic is believed to drive away the evil that enters a person's body. 

But certainly garlic could cure various diseases. This is one of garlic benefits: Lowering blood sugar in diabetics. Lowering high blood pressure. Adding to the immune system. Anti cancer. Indigestion. Prevent atherosclerosis. Preventing heart disease. Lowering serum cholesterol levels. Increasing serum HDL (good cholesterol).  How to use garlic.
Directions:  20 grams of garlic. Washed clean. Then blender. This juice drink with 1 tablespoon of honey, in the morning and afternoon.
Tips: If the garlic is consumed with sledri can be used to lower blood pressure, de-worming and mumps. If you not really like this juice, Makes it for seasoning wear, that's how to utilizes garlic benefits.

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papaya leaveas benefits

papaya leaveas benefits

Malaria is a disease caused by mosquitoes, and usually attack at night. In developed countries malaria can be cured with a drug, but for those who live in small villages malaria becomes frightening terror. 

Until one day  remedies herbal found to overcome the disease, that is a papaya leaf. Papaya leaves able to fight malaria virus with substances contained in it.  Benefits contained in papaya leaves: 
Stomakik. Anthelmintic. Anti-inflammatory. Emenagog. Diuretic. 
How to make a herbal papaya leaves:
A fresh papaya leaves. Washed clean. 100 ml of boiled water with leaves of papaya.And drinks two times daily at morning and night. Or a crushed papaya leaves filtered and drink.
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Benefits basil

Basil (Ocimum bacilicum) is a kind of typical aromatic vegetables and have many benefits for health. Grown in tropical climates and are easily grown anywhere. Basil was delicious eaten raw when served with rice. 

In india and African basil processed into a tea, to treat a cough when the seasons is changes.  For smokers basil can counteract the effect of nicotine in the mouth and can freshen breath. Benefits basil:  Prevent coughing. Helps maintain healthy eyes and mouth. Anti-inflammatory. Preventing menopause. Overcome infertility. Anti-inflammatory. Prevent coughing. Reduce stress. Preventing stroke.

Basil also contains high antioxidants that can counteract free radicals. Eat basil every day to be healthy and to avoid dangerous diseases.

Watercress benefits

Watercress (nasturtium officinale) types of vegetables that contain sulfur, iodine and nitrogen, easily found in the market and can be healthy when eaten raw. Watercress are vegetable that's came from a mediterranean and life in environment that's have alot of water.

Watercress benefits:

Anti-cancer. High antioxidants. Free radical scavengers.Reduce feverantiseptic.Diuretic.Cure anemia.Cure asthma.Cure diabetes.Cure gout.Cure headach. Infection.Cure kidney stones
Watercress fiber be able to make digestion healthy.
Do you know if consumed can make young and cope with hair loss?
How to make carrot juice and watercress.

50 grams of watercress. 3 carrots. Washed clean. Then blender. Add a little water. Drink twice a day morning and afternoon.

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health benefits of peppers

Amazing Health Benefits Of Peppers

Annuum capsicum / bell pepper is a vegetable that has a bitter taste and sweet. purple peppers and greens have a bitter taste, while the yellow, red and orange has a sweet taste. These vegetables can live in a variety of climates and including family of chili, potato, eggplant. 

One thing is for sure the peppers are very good for health. This is one of many health benefits of peppers:

Contains anti-cancer substances.Good for the heart. Contains a high immune. Very good for eye health. Lose weight. 
And  peppers contain are:

High vitamin A. High in vitamin c. Lycopene. Fiber. Vitamin B6. Folate. 
How to make a healthy peppers juice.

100 grams 100 grams of papaya mixed peppers and blend. Drink once a day before bedtime.