papaya leaveas benefits

Malaria is a disease caused by mosquitoes, and usually attack at night. In developed countries malaria can be cured with a drug, but for those who live in small villages malaria becomes frightening terror. 

Until one day  remedies herbal found to overcome the disease, that is a papaya leaf. Papaya leaves able to fight malaria virus with substances contained in it. 
Benefits contained in papaya leaves: 

  • Stomakik. 
  • Anthelmintic. 
  • Anti-inflammatory. 
  • Emenagog. 
  • Diuretic. 

How to make a herbal papaya leaves:
  • A fresh papaya leaves. 
  • Washed clean. 
  • 100 ml of boiled water with leaves of papaya.
  • And drinks two times daily at morning and night. 
  • Or a crushed papaya leaves filtered and drink.

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