Health Benefits of Lidah Mertua Plants

Lidah mertua plant, or also known as sanseveria is a plant that we usually find in the yard of the house as a living fence or very popular among lovers of ornamental plants. Besides the beauty of lidah mertua, this amazing plant also have many benefits for health.

Lidah mertua plant have the remarkable privilege that can absorb toxic substances, for example of air pollution by a smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and type of pollutants can pollute the air.

health benefits of lidah mertua plant

This herbal plant is easily find an plant in ground with tropical climate, such an Asia mainland. With green and yellow as a typical characteristics, this lidah mertua plant can be use as an alternative medicine to cure some dangerous disease such a hypertension.

Prepare the root of interest lidah mertua 27 grams, then Wash thoroughly. then boil with three glasses of water until at can one glass. filter and drink 2 times a day.

Cough, influenza's, diabetic
Way, take 25 grams of tongue-in-law, then wash them clean. Furthermore, boiled in 3 cups of water to boil and the remaining one cup. Strain and drink twice a day.

Those disease above, just an example of many disease that can be cure with this amazing plant. But first, make sure to consult to your doctor before using this herbal plant.


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