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Surprising Facts Health Benefits of Spinach for Your Health

Spinach become one vegetable vitamin that is not foreign to the people of Indonesia. Green leafy and has a width of large leaves with stems not so high is the physical characteristics of the spinach. Prices are cheap and easily obtained also the several advantages of spinach. Even so, the spinach has some surprising benefits for the health of your body. So, what surprising efficacy of spinach for the body ... ???.

In fact, spinach has a variety of nutrients that are needed by the body. Various nutrients and vitamins contained in spinach is a source of vitamins A and K, manganese, folate, magnesium, fiber, calcium and protein and low in calories.

The nutrient content of various makes spinach into one complete nutritious food that ever existed on this earth. However, it feels incomplete without knowing the various health benefits of spinach to the body.

Surprising facts health benefits of spinach for your health
Effective Cancer Prevention.

Cancer became one of the most frightening disea…

Super Health Benefits of Mango for Your Healthy Life

Mango a fruit with sweet taste and acid in the flesh, the majority of the color of this fruit colored dark green when raw and when cooked. When the season come, of course you are not so difficult to find one of this fruit.

However, in addition to bad taste, mango also have a variety of great benefits to improve the health of your body. Mango have rich benefits, in the ranks of fruits that very familier by everyone.

Mango fruit supposed to be a food, that must be taken to fulfill your daily nutrients. Content vitamin C. a, b6, fiber, copper, potassium and magnesium. then, is not surprising this fruit play an important role in the fulfillment of nutrients for everyone body.

Health Benefits of Manggo
Antidote various types of cancer

Cancer be one of the disease biggest killer for mankind. consume mango can help the body to counteract the different types of cancer as colon cancer, breast and prostate. because, mango containing compounds important that quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, …

Amazing Fresh Papaya Fruit Health Benefits

Papaya is one of fruit that has the efficacy of remarkable for health, this fruit easily found in rural areas as well as in the traditional market and modern. The price is relatively cheap, making this fruit can be enjoyed by all the people in the different various social class.

Papaya fruit is very delicious to eat when flesh already Cook or mature, the texture of meat is very soft and it's sweet, that's way little boy was very liked this fruit.

Papaya fruit also have the privilege to the health of your body, this healthy fruit fruit also known as papaw (in Java language) and also easy to find in the tropical climate areas.

Associated with the nutritional content, papaya fruit including one of fruit with complete nutritios. vitamin A, C. K, folate, potassium, and fiber is a content nutrients in papaya fruit.

Health Benefits of Fresh Papaya 
* Heart disease antidote

Have a healthy heart can be a dream for everyone. with routine consume papaya fruit will help make organs heart h…