Super Health Benefits of Mango for Your Healthy Life

Mango a fruit with sweet taste and acid in the flesh, the majority of the color of this fruit colored dark green when raw and when cooked. When the season come, of course you are not so difficult to find one of this fruit.

However, in addition to bad taste, mango also have a variety of great benefits to improve the health of your body. Mango have rich benefits, in the ranks of fruits that very familier by everyone.

Mango fruit supposed to be a food, that must be taken to fulfill your daily nutrients. Content vitamin C. a, b6, fiber, copper, potassium and magnesium. then, is not surprising this fruit play an important role in the fulfillment of nutrients for everyone body.

health benefits of mango fruit

Health Benefits of Manggo

Antidote various types of cancer

Cancer be one of the disease biggest killer for mankind. consume mango can help the body to counteract the different types of cancer as colon cancer, breast and prostate. because, mango containing compounds important that quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, Gallic acid and methilgallat.

Lowering bad cholesterol levels

Bad cholesterol levels in the body continue to rise, of course adverse impact for the body. The solution is to provide the mango in the menu your food. Fiber content high enough, pectin and vitamin C in mango, is very effective to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body

Nutrition for eyes

Have a vision better and Super clear is a the dream of all people, including you. Vitamins a sufficient abundant in mango very good for the senses eyes vision.

Protect digestive organs

Mango is one of fruit with rich natural fibers, this natural fibers is able to protect digestive and make it healthy, everyday you consume mango fruit.

Grow body immune system

Season changes and weather erratic cause body susceptible various diseases. vitamins C, vitamin A and 25 types of carotenoids inside mango, make it very effective to improve the immune system.

Perfect nutrition for your skin

Consume this fruit everyday, a variety of dirt clog pores skins will be lost and assist eliminate the skin problems such as acne.

Weight loss diet 

With the start consume mango rich vitamins and nutrition will make the body feel satisfied longer. so lower appetite excess you.

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