Health Benefits Of Sendok Leaf Herbal Plant

Sendok leaf knows in name Plantago mayor, including in plantaginaceae family leaf in tropical climate and have leaf just like a spoon. In mainland of asia this sendok leaf have a powerfull contain to reduce and cure some dangerous disease, specially throat problem like cough.

This herbal leaf also have diuretic, anti inflamasi, mucolytic, antitusiv, antiseptic content according to the health research. Some expert use this leaf to study about the effect of diabetic against some people`s and the result is very positive to reduce sugar levels in the body.

health benefits of sendok leaf

Health benefits of sendok leaf herbal plant
  • Cure diarrhea
  • Reduce diabetic 
  • Cure blood coughing
  • Cure bronchitis
  • Digestive problems

Some leaf use to boiled with hot water to get the benefits of this herbal leaf, if you have an issue just like above, maybe this herbal sendok leaf can be used as an alternative medicine. Some herbal medicine have effect with some sensitive body, make sure you already knows about this herb before use it.


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