Health benefits Of Gandarusa Leaf

Gandarusa leaf or in latin call Gendarussa Vulgaris Nees, this herbal plant content a lot of benefits for preventing and cure some disease. In Indonesia this herbal plant often to used as a vent and growth in the edge of a rivers. In traditional remedies, this gandarusa leaf used to cure bone fracture as long if the bone on the right position.

Some expert about herbal remedies told that this gandarusa leaf have diuretik, analgetik, anti permatozoa content and some alkaloid poisen content, that`s way this herbal plant must used carefully. 

health benefits of gandarusa leaf

Health benefits of gandarusa leaf
  • Prevent rheumatism
  • Cure eczema
  • Blood circulation
  • Cure bone fracture
  • Treat bruises wound
  • Cure fever
  • Treat sore eyes and ear

Gandarusa leaf also content some mineral such a atsiri oil, kalium, justicin, that`s already proof to maintain body from bacteria and virus. How to use this herbal plant is very easy, for external disease such a bruises wound or fever just crush the leaf and stick it. For internal use, maybe this folowing tips can help.

Gandarusa leaf herbal drink
  • 100 gram gandarusa leaf
  • Wash it clean
  • Boiled with 500 ml water and make it 250 ml
  • Drink two times daily at morning and night

This herbal drink have side effect like spicy and sour taste in mouth, for pregnant woman not allowed  to consume it.


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