Health Benefits Of Pecah Beling Leaf

Pecah beling leaf or in latin strobilanthes crispus came from Madagascar origin, growth in tropical climate. The plant it self can reach high two meters and have brown fruit content small seeds. People`s in my villages use to growth this plant as a vent to avoid hot sun and to used as a herbal medicine to cure kidney stone.

Pecah beling also knows as keji beling, the kalium content in the leaf can cause kidney stone crash and removed it through urine. this herbal drink not recommended for those people`s who have gastritis because  acid silikat content.

health benefits of pecah beling

Health benefits of pecah beling leaf
  • Cure diabetic
  • Crush kidney stone
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Cure diarrhea
  • Cure hepatitis

Beside that, pecah beling leaf also content calcium to help blood freeze and keep membrane cell function. If you interesting about this herbal leaf and want to try to use it, here some tips that may be useful.

Pecah beling herbal drink
  • 100 gram pecah beling leaf
  • Wash it clean
  • Boiled with 500 ml water and make it 250 ml
  • Strain the water
  • Drink two time daily at morning and night

If you drink this herbal medicine, can cause your urine green but is nothing to worried about it, it sign the herbal remedy works.


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