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4 Health Benefits White Turmeric for Maintaining and Treating Various Disease

If you only know turmeric with orange color, apparently it is not so precise. Because, turmeric has another type wich is white turmeric ( Curcuma Zedoaria ), one type of herbal plants that have powerful benefits for maintaining and treating some dangerous disease.

The benefits of white turmeric, more as a healer of various diseases are no exception for dangerous diseases such as cancer. Herbal treatment using natural plants is increasingly in demand, and is now an alternative treatment of conventional medical treatment.

The number of cancer patients is increasing and this issue is not because of the influence of modern lifestyle. In general, white turmeric does have many benefits. One of them serve as an alternative treatment to suppress the growth of cancer cells.

Health benefits of white turmeric ( Curcuma Zedoaria )
1. Treating gastric acid symptoms

Maag disease arises due to irregular eating patterns, eating foods that trigger stomach acid, and mind stress. Consumption of white tur…

8 Health Benefits Temulawak for Maintaining and Treating disease

The benefits of temulawak for the body, liver, heart and kidneys is no doubt, since the days of ancestors temulawak much used as herbal medicine. Temulawak has been known as an original Indonesian herbal remedy, that is very good for maintaining body health.

The part that is widely used, is the root or also often called the rhizomes. This root is processed into herbal medicine, the way of processing is also different from the other herbs. Here are some benefits of temulawak plants, that are good for health and important for you to know.

Health benefits of Temulawak ( Curcuma Zanthorrhiza )
1. Good for liver

Maintaining the health of liver function can be maintained health by consuming temulawak. This herbal plant, is very good for maintaining a healthy heart, this is because temulawak contains catagoga. It is this catagoga that helps the liver to produce bile and also provides a stimulus to empty the bile.

2. Reduce arthritis

Temulawak also contains curcumin which is good for your healt…