Watercress benefits

Watercress (nasturtium officinale) types of vegetables that contain sulfur, iodine and nitrogen, easily found in the market and can be healthy when eaten raw. Watercress are vegetable that's came from a mediterranean and life in environment that's have alot of water.

Watercress benefits:

  • Anti-cancer. 
  • High antioxidants. 
  • Free radical scavengers.
  • Reduce feverantiseptic.
  • Diuretic.
  • Cure anemia.
  • Cure asthma.
  • Cure diabetes.
  • Cure gout.
  • Cure headach. 
  • Infection.
  • Cure kidney stones

Watercress fiber be able to make digestion healthy.
Do you know if consumed can make young and cope with hair loss?
How to make carrot juice and watercress.

  • 50 grams of watercress. 
  • 3 carrots. 
  • Washed clean. 
  • Then blender. 
  • Add a little water. 
  • Drink twice a day morning and afternoon.

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