Amazing Health Benefits Of Peppers

Annuum capsicum / bell pepper is a vegetable that has a bitter taste and sweet. purple peppers and greens have a bitter taste, while the yellow, red and orange has a sweet taste. These vegetables can live in a variety of climates and including family of chili, potato, eggplant. 

One thing is for sure the peppers are very good for health. This is one of many health benefits of peppers:

  • Contains anti-cancer substances.
  • Good for the heart. 
  • Contains a high immune. 
  • Very good for eye health. 
  • Lose weight. 

And  peppers contain are:

  • High vitamin A. 
  • High in vitamin c. 
  • Lycopene. 
  • Fiber. 
  • Vitamin B6. 
  • Folate. 

How to make a healthy peppers juice.

  • 100 grams 100 grams of papaya mixed peppers and blend. 
  • Drink once a day before bedtime.


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