Eggplants benefits

Eggplant is a healthy vegetables and easy to find in traditional market and super market. Can be processed into food that tastes good and can be enjoyed by anyone. 
The content of eggplant:
  • Bioflavonoids. 
  • Vitamin k. 
  • Rich in fiber. 
  • Calcium. 
  • Minerals.
Benefits eggplant:
  • Overcoming digestive tract. 
  • Good for the heart. 
  • Brain food. 
  • Controlling blood pressure. 
  • Prevent anemia. 
  • Strengthen bones. 

How to make eggplant juice:
  • 100 grams'of fresh eggplant. 
  • Washed clean. 
  • Discard the seeds. 
  • Blender with 50 cc of water. 
  • Drink once a day at night time.
If you do not like this juice, make into dishes or steamed.

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