Health Benefits Of Jasmine

Healthy jasmine (Jasminum Sambac Ait) is a flower that smells good, a lot of people like this plant because distinctive fragrance. Jasmine is often used by our ancestors as a herbal medicine to treat various diseases, one of which is asthma.

How to use jasmine is very easy, simply dried and used as a tea or jasmine soften and pinned in the pain place. For example if you have a headache, take 6 jasmine then puree and paste in the forehead. 

Health Benefits of jasmine: 
  • Treating headaches. 
  • Treating asthma.  
  • Treating a fever. 
  • Treat sore eyes. 

Content of jasmine:
  • Lyvalylavetaet. 
  • Indole. 
  • Benzyl.


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