3 simple way to detect dehydration

Water is a natural element that's body needed, even when cold season our body still need water to avoid dehydration.  Drink water every morning is a good start to maintain fluid balance in body's and push the toxic through urine. If you have hearth problem, consuming warm water can reduce hearth palpitations, can heal our bodies, providing digestive power and reducing metabolic waste,  according to alternative medicine in Indonesia.

The characteristic and quality of water that's we drink is very decisive for first protection against various disease, you have to know ph contain and balance of a drink water so you can decide wich one is the best for you and families.

How to know that's a body need fresh water and detected dehydration, here some simple way:

Yellow urine color
Its sign your body have enough water and not dehydration but consume more water can be a good for your kidney. 

White urine color
Good water consumed for body, if you still can maintain the water suply, there is no necessary worried for dehydration. 

Turbid urine color
Is dangerous sign that's your body is dehydration, try to drink alot of water for three hours and let your body rest.


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