Health Benefits Of Tofu

Healthy tofu one of the food that's processed from soybeans, has a tremendous benefit in maintaining health, especially for those who want to go on a diet. Tofu first introduced by the Chinese nation as food and well-liked because of its soft texture and high in protein. The benefits will be felt more intense if tofu consumed every day as a companion to the main meal.

Health benefits of tofu:

  • Good for the heart. 
  • Anti cancer. 
  • Prevent anemia. 
  • Preventing osteoporosis. 

Tofu contains:

  • Riboflavin.
  • Thiamin. 
  • Niacin. 
  • Folic acid. 
  • Zinc. 
  • Magnesium. 
  • Calcium. 
  • Potassium. 
  • Iron. 
  • Phosphorus. 
  • Vitamin D. 
  • Vitamin A. 
  • Vitamin B6. 
  • Vitamin C


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