Healthy soursop juice for preventing the aging process

Soursop fruits is kind of fruit that grow in tropical climate and can be use for health benefits, especially for adults. 

Using soursop fruit as a healthy juice, is very good for maintaining body health, because the content of that fruit is very powerful again aging process.

Health benefits of soursop fruit

  • Increase endurance. 
  • Preventing the aging process. 
  • Overcoming constipation. 
  • Overcoming interference sore hips. 
  • Overcoming uric acid. 
  • Overcoming back pain and gallstones. 

health benefits of soursop

How to make a healthy juice soursop fruit


  • 100 grams of fresh ripe soursop. 
  • Washed clean. 
  • Discard the seeds. 
  • Then blender. 
  • While blending add a little water to 50 cc. 
  • This juice drink one glass a day in two to three hours after breakfast or lunch.


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