Healthy pineapple juice for anti-tumor therapy

Healthy pineapple is a fruit that has many benefits and many vitamins that prof can maintain body health. This fruit can be used as an assortment of food or drink, and made a nice healthy juice.

Health benefits of pineapple

  • Helps digestion of protein and constipation. 
  • Solvers protein and fat. 
  • Overcoming constipation problems. 
  • Overcoming trauma. 
  • Overcoming ARI. 
  • Overcoming arthritis and anti-tumor. 

How to make healthy pineapple juice. 
  • 50 grams of fresh ripe pineapple. 
  • Washed and peeled. 
  • Then blended. 
  • Add water little by little until 50 cc. 
  • This juice drink one glass a day before bedtime. 


Do not overuse this pineapple juice therapy, especially for patients with arthritis. Just 1-2 tablespoons a day and pregnant women are forbidden to eat this fruit because it can interfere with pregnancy.


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