Healthy peas is a natural nutrients that are needed by the body, is used as a complementary food that serves as the intake of fiber for the body. Peas include types that are easily grown vegetables, contain a lot of protein and low in calories, so it is good for weight loss diet program. 

Health benefits of peas: 
  • Good for heart health. 
  • Anti cancer. 
  • Good for weight loss diet program. 
  • Immunity. 
  • Anti aging. 
  • Lowering cholesterol levels.

The content of peas:
  • Protein. 
  • Fiber. 
  • Calcium. 
  • Amino acids. 
  • Antioxidant. 
  • Magnesium. 
  • Vitamin C. 
  • Vitamin A. 
  • Vitamin B-1, B-2. 
  • Vitamin K.


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