Healthy celery juice for younger every day

Healthy celery is a vegetable that's growth in the Asian continent. These vegetables can make you younger every day, with a consuming routine.

Benefits of celery:

  1. Good for the health of the stomach wall and intestinal tract.
  2. Keeping cells youthful (slows cell aging). 
  3. Treating asthma. 
  4. Treating diabetes. 
  5. Treating arthritis. 
  6. Treating neurits.
  7. Treat rheumatism. 
  8. Blood flow. 
  9. Neutralize body acids. 
  10. Protecting da brain nervous system.
  11. Maintain flexibility and muscle activity. 
  12. Lowering blood pressure. 
  13. Maintain body weight.

How to use:
3-4 celery stalks 30 cm size, washed and blended add 50cc of water. The juice is taken once daily 2-3 hours of glass after meals.


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