Health Benefits of Banana Fruits for Gastric Therapy

Healthy banana is a fruit that is widely available in traditional markets and modern markets and very good for body health specially for those people who have gastric problem. 

health benefits of banana

This heaven fruit can be grown in tropical climates and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that very good for maintain health.

Health benefits of healthy bananas

  1. Balance of water in the body. 
  2. Lowering blood pressure. 
  3. Maintaining heart health. 
  4. Helps transport oxygen into the brain.
  5. Bananas are not ripe enough to have a high content of hemicellulose. 
  6. Helps disposal of fats in the blood.
  7. Bananas are good for peptic ulcer disease. 

How to use:
100 grams of fresh bananas ripe washed pliers remove the seeds, then blend. While blending add a little water to a 50 cc. Drink banana juice in the morning or afternoon one glass a day


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