Health Benefits Of Mango Juice

Healthy mango is a type of fruit that is widely available in tropical climates, for example Asia. Mango fruit also contains vitamin C which is high and can prevent various diseases, specially for infection disease and low vitamin c.

Health benefits of mangoes:

  • protect the body from infection. 
  • Cleaning the blood flow. 
  • Reduce excess body heat. 
  • Reduce pain. 
  • Eliminate body odor. 
  • Launched the digestive tract.

How to make healthy mango juice.

  • 50 grams of fresh ripe mango. 
  • Washed and peeled. 
  • Discard the seeds. 
  • Then blender. 
  • While blending add water to 50 cc. 
  • This juice drink in the morning or afternoon, two or three hours before eating.


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