Super Health Benefits of Angsana Tree Bark

Angsana tree bark or in latin Pterocarpus Indicus is a natural remedy for reducing cough, have a dark and red tree bark, this tree also used by a government to be an alternative oxygen in the side of a road. Angsana tree including a tree who have powerful and strong roots, my grandma often to used this angsana bark as a herb remedies.

This herb remedy is very simple to make of, if you have an issue with your troth and cough, just considered to used this angsana bark tree as an alternative medicine.

super benefits angsana tree bark

Angsana tree bark remedy
  • Angsana bark tree
  • A glass of hot water

  • Angsana bark tree just about 30 cm
  • Washed clean
  • Cut into two pieces
  • Put into a glass 
  • And pore with hot water
  • Stand for about 30 minutes
  • Drink two times daily at morning and afternoon

According to the health research, angsana bark tree health benefits is already been proofed by ancestor to reduce some disease such a cough. In Indonesia angsana tree bark is very easy to find and many people used this bark tree as a remedies.


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