This 4 Bad habits can cause dry skin and lips

Dry skin is a common occurrence, in a society with a tropical climate like in Indonesia. Generally, dry skin problems can happen to anyone including women and men.

Dry skin occurs due to the erosion of the skin protective layer, so that the water content in the skin can not survive and even evaporate.

4 bad habits can cause dry skin

Water that exists in the body, serves to keep skin moisture from the dangers of dry skin. But some bad habits are often done by men and women, making the skin becomes dry and more dry.

So, what are  4 bad habits that can cause dry skin, here are the full review.

4 Bad habits that cause dry skin

1. Drinking less water
White water is great for fluid intake in every body, including both male and female. Shortage of water intake can cause health problems and make the skin become dry.

Another benefit of drinking lots of water is to get rid of toxins in the body. Therefore, the various pollutants in the air continues to be inhaled by a person, making the body becomes easily tired, tired and lethargic.

With lots of drinking water, you will be free from various toxins in the body and most importantly the skin will not be dry.

2. Less intake of vegetables and fruits
Already many know that vegetables and fruits contain water that can help overcome dry skin. Water content of vegetables and fruits will drain water to the skin, resulting in moist and skin process can get adequate water intake.

3. Often in the air-conditioned room
Undergoing indoor work activities with air conditioning, must be balanced with adequate water intake. Because if not, the skin will be dehydrated so that when in the grasp it will feel rough and scaly.

4. Lick the lips and peel the lips skin
The lips have a skin layer that becomes a natural alarm, when a person becomes dehydrated. Licking the lips continuously will not make the skin wet lips, even cause to be dry.

Likewise with peeling skin dry lips, these bad habits can be fatal because the main cause of bleeding in the lips.

Supposedly, keeping the water intake can overcome dry skin for man and woman, especially in the lips and skin.


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