The importance of healthy vegetables in life its the same thing with an environmentally friendly fuel for the body. A healthy body definitely needs a lot of nutrients that can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, for example, is the fiber. 

Lack of fiber can result in digestive be unhealthy, therefore consume vegetables that contain fiber is highly recommended in the diet every day. 

Start your breakfast with a glass of vegetable juice that is rich in fiber such as lettuce, lettuce is very good for the body because it contains fiber and can be combined with the addition of carrots as a counterweight sense. 

Starting the day with something healthy will make you able to undergo maximal activity. 

Here are some mixture of vegetables and fruit juices are highly recommended: 
  1. Apples and broccoli. 
  2. Cucumber and celery. 
  3. Tomatoes and strawberries
  4. Watercress and melons
  5. Spinach and kiwi

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