Acne Solution, with Tomatoes Fruit Facial Treatment

Tomatoes one type of fruit that is great for facial treatments. Natural content in tomatoes can brighten and eliminate acne problems on face skin with oil type, especially women. Many people know's that the benefits of tomatoes, not just for facial treatment, in fact is very effective to maintain the body from any health problems.

For those of you who want a clean and brighten face, eating tomatoes as juice or used as a face mask, highly recommended by beauty experts.

acne solution with tomatoes fruit facial treatment

The content of various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin a, vitamin c is very high as well as anti-oxidant which is quite high to, making the tomato fruit as a face mask, can be as an alternative treatment for the face that suffer from acne.

How to create a clean and smooth face with a tomato mask

Ingredients :
  • Fresh tomatoes 1 piece 
  • Bowl

How to make :
  • Cut the tomatoes into small pieces
  • Crush it using a blender or a spoon
  • Place the tomatoes finely in a bowl
  • Apply to face as a mask before bed for 30 minutes
  • Clean thoroughly with water

By face treatment with a facial mask tomatoes, in a matter of weeks your face will look clean and smooth and acne would go away and never returned.

Still using a substance or chemical drugs to treat acne? Try this tomato fruit masks and see for yourself how powerful efficacy resulting, from the fruit with a fresh red color.


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