Healthy almonds are edible nuts for heart disease and diabetes, almonds also has many health benefits for the body. Almonds are available at stores and markets, types of almonds is divided into two, first that has a sweet taste and are eaten, second which have a bitter taste, it is used as a food ingredient mixture. How to use almonds to maintain body health is simple, you just have to eat it with empty stomach because body can absorb vitamins and minerals much higher. 

Content of almonds: 
  • Vitamin E. 
  • Calcium. 
  • Magnesium. 
  • Selenium. 
  • Phosphorus. 
  • Iron. 
  • Niacin. 

Health benefits of almonds:
  • Good for heart problems. 
  • Overcome constipation. 
  • Overcome cough. 
  • Overcoming anemia. 
  • Overcoming impotence. 
  • Good for diabetics. 
  • Nourish hair.


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