Healthy nutmeg including native fruit that comes from the Indonesian island of banda Sulawesi province, nutmeg is often used as sweets and very good for body health. For women who want to remove the black spots and smooth the skin, nutmeg can be a good choice. 

Nutmeg contains atsiri oil and vitamins that proved smooth the skin, nutmeg can be an alternative in treating the face. How to make nutmeg as a face mask, here some following steps:
  • Nutmeg washed. 
  • Then crushed seeds. 
  • Mix with honey. 
  • Apply on the face until smooth and allow to dry. 
  • Wash with clean water and feel the difference. 

Wear a nutmeg mask facial skin will feel soft  and fresh, do it regularly for best results. In addition to beauty, nutmeg is also believed to cure various diseases such as: Insomnia, Treating toothache, stomach pain, digestion, stamina enhancer.


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