Screen radiation of a computer, smartphone, tablet and laptop can makes brain tired specially your eyes. This part of bodies very sensitive and need to be relaxing for a while, if you have a job such an accounting, programing even a blogger, this healthy tips maybe useful. 

First thing first. 
Drink a pure water can be useful against this radiation, water very powerful to makes or brain and eyes have high concentration. 

Second it's a must
Stretching your necks is recommended for 1 minute, this can makes your nerves not to stiff

Third it's powerful
After an hour your facing a computer or a laptop, viewing a green plant for 5 minute is very powerful to relaxing your eyes and brain, because a comfort feeling send to a brain from an eye just a minute you viewing green plant. 

That's way every office building must have a little garden to balancing and protect screen radiation of a computer. Beside a tips above, consuming an organic healthy fruits and vegetables is necessary needs to protect eyes from screen radiation. 

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